11 Best Shipping Scale for Rapid Business Growth 

Are you running a small business from home? Or a proud parent who can’t leave home often to ensure the wellness of your young children? If so, maybe you’d just like to mail packages without having to travel to the post office. These and more are key reasons people are shifting their focus from traditional methods to at home postal scales for mailing packages from home.

If you really think you can operate a business from home, you don’t necessarily need to invest in personalized boxes, cute work area decorations, or a Rollo label printer. These are elements to make a setup look better, but none of these will increase your earning power.

However, the rubber meets the road when you employ a great postal scale. You can charge accurate shipping fees only when you choose the right postal scale for your business. These small units are meant to save you a handful of time and most importantly money. By choosing any of the scales we highlighted below, you will find one of the best shipping scales to address the shipping needs of your business.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best Shipping Scale 

 Top 11 Best Shipping Scale Review

01. Smart Weigh – The Smart Solution to Your Shipping Needs

Smart Weigh 440lbs x 6 oz. Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale, with Durable Stainless Steel Large Platform, UPS USPS Post Office Postal Scale and Luggage Scale

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We love this scale particularly for shipping smaller and larger packages, since it comes with a weight capacity of 440 pounds and an extended cord connected LCD.

If there is to single out one thing about this shipping and postal scale, that would be its design. It’s dimension of 10.6″ by 10.6″ by 0.5″ is no less than large. Besides, a stainless steel platform is more than capable of weighing large packages of up to 440 pounds.

The accuracy during testing was within +/- 1.7 ounces or 50 grams. The weight of the same single box varied very little to not at all when weighed repeatedly to check the weight variation. In addition, it’s great that you are now able to read in grams, kilograms, and pounds with a single scale.

An up to 4 feet stretchable cord is coiled and connected to the LCD display, which makes weighing larger packages easy and ensures an unobstructed view. As we observed in our testing, the battery tends to drain even when the device is off; at this price point better battery life is anticipated. However, it is still a great digital scale for shipping and postal services, despite these limitations.


  • Accuracy within +/- 1.7oz or 50g
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Extended coil cord for easy weighing


  • Consume battery power even when powered off
  • Minimum operating range of six ounces

02. Accuteck ShipPro Shipping and Postal Scale

ACCUTECK ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Black (W-8580-110-Black)

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With a capacity of 110 pounds and an accuracy of 0.1 oz, this is without any doubt, one of the best choices for smaller packages such as jewelry and shoe boxes, thus an excellent option for small business owners.

A digital shipping postal scale from Accuteck, the ShipPro, is easy to use. With a 110-pound capacity and 0.1 increments, it can deal with a variety of packages, especially letters. A coiled cord connects the LCD display and the scale to make it easy to work with larger packages.

We particularly love this best postal scale for smaller items; thanks to its slim and compact profile (8″ by 6.75″ by 1.5″). For a shipping scale, portability is something indispensable and with this Accuteck variant you can rest easy since it’s equally effective as a handheld as well as a tabletop display.

In conclusion, we were very impressed with the overall build quality and the conveniences this Accuteck postal scale offers.


  • Best capacity scale for Amazon sellers
  • Light in weight
  • Highly portable
  • Various power sources


  • With only 2 feet, the cord is short
  • Made of plastic

03. Weighmax W-280 Shipping and Postal Scale

Weighmax W-2809 90 LB X 0.1 OZ Durable Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale, Shipping Scale With AC adapter, 1 Pack

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Who doesn’t want a budget-friendly scale that can handle the business needs? Weighmax W-280 may not be high on the list for those who want a high capacity scale. However, when it comes to managing smaller packages such as envelopes and parcels, its 90-pound capacity is more than just enough. Affordable price tag, another plus for small business owners together with its one-piece design—you will find it difficult to ignore the appeal of W-280.

Aside from that, this scale is extremely accurate, posting readings as accurate as 0.1oz with a minimum starting weight of 10g. A vibrant LCD displays the results in four different methods. Plus, it is very compact and easier to move around, and offers a “one-piece” construction with no extended LCD attached to coil cords.

Most of the users highlighted the scale’s functionality, especially the hold function–you have all the time to confirm the weight. Being stainless steel made further empowers it to withstand the occasional drops and all. However, each digital scale comes with its own inconveniences. For W-280, it doesn’t allow users to stack multiple packages together.


  • Four reading modes
  • One-piece steel construction
  • LCD display
  • Stainless steel weighing platform
  • Hold function


  • Manual weight input
  • Rechargeable batteries may cause low battery warnings to appear prematurely

04. Dymo Digital Shipping and Postal Scale

DYMO Digital Postal Scale/Shipping Scale, 25-Pound (1772059)

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An ideal shipping scale for e-Commerce retailers who need to calculate shipping costs instantly. Apart from that, the handheld design of it together with the USB cable that connects it to online shipping services, makes things even easier.

It’s efficiency in specific has drawn huge admiration from the users. And you can choose one from various capacity options including 3 pounds, 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 100 pounds, 250 pounds, and 400 pounds, which means it will work well with packages of all sizes. During testing it came up with an accuracy of +/- 0.4 lb.; there is little to no scope to complain about its accuracy. For further convenience, you can measure in pounds/ounces or kilograms/grams.

This scale’s USB compatibility is by far its best feature. To automatically calculate shipping fees, simply connect the USB cable to the software. In this way, you can avoid spending valuable time weighing and generating stickers at the post office.


  • Quick cost calculation
  • Accuracy within +/- 0.4 lb
  • Six capacity variants


  • No backlit LCD
  • Drains battery quickly

05. American Weigh PS-25 Shipping and Postal Scale

Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Package Postage Scale 55lbs. x 0.01lbs. (Black), PS-25

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This shipping and postal scale weighs items up to 55 pounds and is very lightweight and compact (8′′ by 8′′ by 2.8′′), therefore, can easily be stuffed into a backpack.

For this one, portability is our bet. With a weight of 2.3 pounds, this scale will fit in most backpacks. With an accuracy of within +/-2 grams and a sensitivity of approximately 0.1 ounces, the scale is highly accurate. During our testing, the product has been tested several times with no variation detected between readings, so we feel extremely confident using it.

Numbers are easy to read on its LCD screen with backlighting. In addition to pounds, this shipping and postal scale can also display weights in ounces, kilograms, and grams. You can’t just go wrong with this postal scale if you’re looking for a quality scale.


  • Compact structure; easily fits in a backpack
  • The accuracy is excellent, reading within +/- 2 grams
  • Operates with just one AAA battery


  • Delayed power on and off
  • No automatic cost calculation

06. Tomiba Digital Touch Shipping and Postal Scale

Digital Touch Pocket Scale 0.01oz - Tomiba 3000g Small Portable Electronic Precision Scale (0.1g) Resolution 2 AAA Batteries Included

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Providing measurement in grams, ounces, OZT, DWT, CT, and CN, this shipping and postal scale allows you to weigh food, jewelry, and other items.

Featuring the best of a compact size (4.92 inches by 4.13 inches by 0.6 inches) and accuracy with a sensitivity of 0.1 grams, this scale is a great choice for any consideration. In addition, it deploys a sensor to detect uneven surface placement, which is great for generating true results.

As this digital touch scale is intended to weigh food, it features a stainless steel surface that is very easy to wipe clean. We applaud the unique piece counting feature of Tomiba, which counts the number of items (such as coins) on the scale based on the sample weight (the first piece) and the overall weight.


  • Durable stainless steel made
  • Unique piece-counting feature
  • Easy to read, backlit LCD screen


  • May turn off abruptly
  • Buttons are uncomfortable to press

07. Smart Weigh ACE110 – A Professional Postal Scale

Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Weight Scale, 110 lbs x 0.1 oz, UPS USPS Post Office Scale

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Our e-Com business was started with the Smart Weigh ACE110 scale. Prior to that, we trekked to the post office every evening after work to ship our packages.

In the past, I promised my partner that we would upgrade to a higher capacity scale when this one wore out. In one fine morning, the display simply crashed when someone stepped on it. However, on that occasion it turned out that we could not get over its conveniences and needed to order a new H-Series scale instead of a larger industrial type scale.

I have never seen a scale with such a compact design and that is so bulletproof. This scale has all the durability of an industrial scale, but can easily be placed on your home office desk. Apart from that, if you can manage a permanent placement for the scale you can even mount the detached readout on the wall. Lastly, similar to most of the smart scales, it also comes with the option to run on batteries or plug in.


  • High durability characteristics
  • It does not require calibration
  • Detachable Screen
  • Dual power sources


  • Inconsistent reading
  • Low capacity option

08. VisionTechShop TBWS-500 Washdown Stainless Steel Bench Scale

VisionTechShop TBWS-500 Washdown Stainless Steel Bench Scale, Lb/Kg/Oz Switchable, 500lb Capacity, 0.1lb Readability, NTEP Legal for Trade

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This is the shipping scale you’ve been looking for if you’ve been disappointed so far. During my time working in a warehouse with 4 shipping stations, I used these scales. During the 3 (very long) years that I spent there, we sent out around 200 large orders per day (usually multiple boxes).

The scale is designed to handle high-volume boxes of every shape and size, but not for letters or tiny packages; it was born to handle heavy loads. Consider getting a thicker scale rather than an all-metal one, like the TBW-500 if you like to ship those.

Scales like this don’t have roller tops, which is a set back. I never thought much about it, but there are people who prefer the roller top because it’s easier to move packages on and off of (in addition to rolling, it’s easier to slide your fingers under them). A heavy-duty roller scale, on the other hand, will probably cost at least twice as much or need to be purchased used – the choice is yours.

In addition to integrating with a computer or printer, this scale has a large platform, a detachable screen, and a large weight capacity. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty and reliable shipping scale, you can’t just go wrong with these.


  • Heavy duty scale
  • Large weighing platform
  • Detachable screen


  • Not for tiny packages
  • Doesn’t have roller tops

09. ACCUTECK W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital Shipping Postal Scale with AC Adapter

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital Shipping Postal Scale with Ac Adapter, Silver

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ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital with AC Adapter is a good choice if you are in need of an accurate measurement without all the bells and whistles of other shipping scales. Capable of yielding accurate and incremental measurements, this cost-effective option can measure up to 50 lbs, with a sensitivity of 0.1 ounces.

With its digital screen, one can get readings in nearly all units of weighing, allowing the user to properly measure exactly the weight needed. In addition to that this foldable mailer reader stores compactly and makes it easy to measure hard-to-measure packages upright.

Using this scale, you can weigh and hold, as well as equipped with self-calibrating technology so that you can get accurate measurements. Powered by three AAA batteries and a 5V power adapter, this can be plugged in or run by battery if you have an outlet nearby.


  • Multiple power sources
  • Digital screen
  • Sensitivity of 0.1 ounces


  • For the price, lot more was anticipated

10. Accuteck 440lb, Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Digital Scale

Accuteck 440lb Heavy Duty Digital Metal Industry Shipping Postal scale (ACB440),Assorted Colors

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If you have a gentle spending power and are willing to rearrange your warehouse with smart and effective devices, you can’t go wrong with ACB440. Beside, if your business involves large packages sending this Accuteck scale might be the better choice for you.

It has nearly all the benefits of the H-Series Scale, but with the added benefit of being larger and more capable.  This is the option you should consider if you send out large packages regularly (75 pounds or more).


  • Higher Capacity
  • Large Platform


  • Spacious
  • Has Durability Concerns
  • Questionable Accuracy

11. My Weigh Ultraship Shipping and Postal Scale

My Weigh UltraShip 55lb. Digital Scale Pro Savings 5-Pack for Pizzeria, Restaurant, Bakery, or Shipping Usage (5 Items)

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Featuring up to 76-pound weight capacity and letter/mail/envelope holders, this portable digital scale is perfect for weighing paper mail.

It measures 10.4″ by 9.2″ by 8.5″ and the design itself is very functional. The weighting functions include pounds/ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms, the most commonly used ones for postal work. There is one small issue with this scale: it measures in 5-gram increments, which may result in small, yet unnecessary shipping charges. A tough plastic construction that responds well to accidental drops is a big plus.

With a 2-foot flex cord, the display on this shipping and postal scale is removable, and all readings are kept intact. In terms of weighing taller or wider packages, this could be key to have an unobstructed view. When it comes to the build quality of this postal and shipping scale, our overall impression was very positive.


  • Accurate measurement
  • Four weighing modes
  • Removable display and keypad
  • Dual power supply


  • High battery consumption
  • Measure in 5-gram increments

To make your search for the best shipping scale even easier, we structured this table for you. Here, you will get a brief insight of our top picks.



Key Features




Smart Weigh 440 lb.

  • Unobstructed view
  • Incredible accuracy
  • Easy to read LCD screen



Accuteck ShipPro

  • Light in weight
  • Highly portable
  • Various power sources



Weighmax W-2809

  • Four reading modes
  • One-piece steel construction
  • LCD display



Dymo Digital

  • Instant shipping cost calculation
  • USB compatibility
  • Highly efficient



American Weigh PS-25

  • Compact design
  • Single AAA battery
  • Excellent accuracy



Tomiba Digital Scale

  • Stainless steel structure
  • Piece counting feature
  • Backlit LCD screen



Smart Weigh ACE110

  • No calibration needed
  • Dual power sources
  • Durable scale



VisionTechShop TBWS-500

  • High capacity
  • Large weighing platform
  • Removable screen




  • Sensitivity of 0.1 ounces
  • Multiple power sources
  • Digital screen




  • Large weighing platform
  • Higher capacity
  • User friendly scale



My Weigh Ultraship

  • Precise measurement
  • Four weighing modes
  • Removable display


What Were The Deciding Factors?

In determining the best shipping and postal scale to buy, we explored a number of factors that directly contribute to the efficiency and usability of a scale. A scale, especially a shipping scale is all about accuracy and weighing capacity. These two attributes are directly proportional to some other features such as weighing increments, design/types of postal scales (handheld vs. tabletop), and a number of auxiliary features such as LCD screen, backlight quality, etc.

With any shipping and postal scale, accuracy is by far the most important factor. An inaccurate reading could result in surprising shipping costs at the post office. When you are buying, consider a scale with high sensitivity (in the 0.05 pounds/0.11 grams range) for shipping and postal use. Our research suggests lighter weight scales offer a greater level of accuracy.

Weight capacity is another defining factor. In terms of larger packages, a scale with a maximum capacity of 100 pounds or more will be enough. However, for parcels and letters, a 6-pound scale will get the job done. Your shipping needs will be the key to determining which capacity scale you actually need.

Design plays a key role as well, when it comes to the effectiveness of the scale. One type has a lightweight one-piece construction with the display and weighing platform attached. Other models come with removable displays or coil cords so that you can weigh large objects that would otherwise obstruct your field of view. Here too your shipping needs should be prioritized.

Lastly, we also looked into some additional features that may not have a direct impact on the measurement, but could make things easier for you. Scales with easy to read bright LCD screens always grabbed our attention, in particular if it comes with backlighting.

Why Own a Shipping Scale?

Shippers who ship multiple packages every week know just how labor-intensive the process can be. The most labor-intensive part of shipping starts after the box is packed. The only alternative is to take the boxes to a carrier, wait in line, and process the shipments one by one if you don’t have a proper setup of scales, software, and label printers. Quite simply, all of these just cost you money, resources, and most importantly time.

Shipping your boxes with general carriers has become easier than ever, however, owning a digital scale makes things even simpler. You can have the carrier pick up the boxes at your place of business, track all shipping receipts, and can even get a prepaid postage account.

Now is the time to redesign your shipping workflow if you have been considering it. Just get a digital shipping scale and start today.

Benefits of Shipping Scales

  • No Frequent Visit To The Post Office

When you use Postal Scales, you can easily check whether the parcel you are sending contains the correct weight, either before you send it or after it has been sent, and it is easy to check a parcel for the right weight by entering it in the box. Also, you no longer need to visit the post office to check the weight of your parcel, since the Postal Scales will handle this for you.

  • Saves Time and Money

Hit the print button after placing your thing on the scale. The scale then transmits precisely calculated weights directly to the software, therefore, weights cannot be misread or reported incorrectly. This significantly reduces the issues of packages returned for insufficient postage or being mailed with excessive postage and ensures that you are paying an accurate postage amount. As a whole, apart from saving you precise time, a scale also saves your hard-earned money.

  • Prepaid Postage Account

Couriers these days are promoting the idea of prepaid postage accounts, where an advanced scale comes in. If you are shipping the same thing over and over, you do not necessarily need to weigh the parcel each time, simply record it into the system. Now you are relieved from monitoring numerous delivery receipts as your prepaid postage record will do that for you.

  • Easy Set Up

Digital postage scales come with the standard technology for peripheral devices, USB “plug and play”. The system doesn’t require complicated hardware installation or software that needs to be updated periodically, all you need to do is simply plug it in and it starts working.

Setting Up Shipping Costs

If you want to take advantage of calculated shipping on Amazon, you need to know how much your item weighs when it is shipped. You can charge either calculated or flat-rate shipping if you ship similar items all the time (like I do in my ecom store).

The easiest way to ship disparate items however is to pack them up and place them on a scale before shipping. However, this isn’t always possible. First of all, get a scale and weigh the item you’re shipping. Once you have the weight, in case the item is going to be in a poly-mailer, we typically add two ounces to the weight, whereas for small items going into a box with packing materials, we typically add over one pound.

As such, if you’re serious about selling online, you should consider investing in a quality shipping scale.

Can One Guess The Weight If He Wishes To?

Selling and listing items online does not require a postal scale. And shipping anything else does not require one, either. But remember that, if your guess goes wrong, you will either be charged heavily or you have your item returned for inaccurate shipping charge. In both cases, it’s only you who bears the losses.

Nevertheless, if shipping from home is in your card, you’ll need a scale so that you’ll be able to benefit from shipping discounts and calculated shipping.

Some people have been selling online without a scale for years simply by guessing the weight while listing and then shipping them to buyers at the post office. Well, you also can do so, but make sure that your assessment is accurate enough to safeguard you from incurring loss.

However, it may pleasantly surprise you that you don’t even need to purchase a postal scale for Amazon! The food scale you use (the ones you use in the kitchen) are usually fine for small packages that beginners send out.

Some Essential Features of Shipping Scales

find out the average weight of the items you plan to weigh and the volume of packages before you start looking for a shipping scale. Knowing this will assist you in choosing the right scale. However, there are some other features that one should consider as well.

  • Measurement Units:

The scale should be able to measure the item in pounds, ounces, and kilograms as well as grams. This will give you an accurate measurement and having an accurate measurement will help you avoid overpaying for shipping.

  • Power Source:

Scales are powered with batteries or A/C adapters, for the most advanced options dual power sources are normal. Check whether your scale has both options.

  • Smart Connectivity:

Make sure the connectivity feature is compatible with your PC, tablet, or smartphone. The connection will be longer and more reliable if you choose one with a USB or Ethernet port. Some advanced scales even feature Bluetooth connectivity that eliminates the need for cables.

  • Display:

Backlit displays allow you to see the information clearly on digital scales. If you are taking the scale outside, backlit assist you to be able to see it well under bright lighting.

  • Operational Efficiency:

If you want to  link with more carriers, you need to access the information required, quickly and efficiently. Depending on the model, you can see those functions on the display when you are costing the shipment, verifying your items, or processing your boxes. Find a scale that will make it easy to navigate through all these functions.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Shipping Scale

In determining the best shipping and postal scale you need to consider a few factors. These aren’t mandatory to make a scale weigh, but these are the things that make a measurement easy, accurate and effortless.

  • Type of Scale

Postal scales come usually in two types, mechanical and digital. Today, you can find that most scales give a more precise reading as they are mostly digital. A mechanical scale measures weight without a power supply, therefore, results are often less accurate. Therefore, investing in a digital scale is always the best choice.

  • Dimensions

You should take into account the dimensions of your scale for two reasons. Initially, you’ll need something that is somewhat lightweight in case you’re short of space or plan to move your scale. The size of the packages you’ll be weighing should also be considered. If they’re big and bulky, you’ll need a large size weighing platform. Keep these two things in mind when choosing a scale in order to avoid unwanted issues in the future.

  • Accuracy

This is equally frustrating as well as devastating to discover that an item you have purchased is not as accurate as it should be. A postal scale for example, is nothing without being accurate.  Just do yourself a favor and check properly before you buy.

When it comes to shipping and postal scales, accuracy is by far the most important consideration. Postal costs could be increased to an extent by inaccurate readings at the shipping office. You should look for postal and shipping scales with a high sensitivity of 0.05 pounds (0,11 grams), if you really want to minimize the burden of unnecessary expenses from your business. So far, weighing scales meant for lighter objects tend to have more accuracy in general.

One can easily overlook the importance of checking the accuracy and buy a random scale. But, in the long run a cheap and inaccurate scale can lead to unnecessary expenses and inconvenient problems. Therefore, it is crucial to check the accuracy before making a purchase. When purchasing online, ensure that you, at the very least, check the reviews.

  • Weighing Capacity

An attribute worth considering and depends entirely on your shipping requirements. For larger packages, look for a scale with a maximum capacity of 100 pounds or more. A 6-pound scale will work just fine in terms of parcels and letters.

Weight capacity will be determined by the type of packages you intend to weigh. For small items such as jewelry boxes or shoe boxes, a scale with a 10-pound capacity is more than adequate. You should consider a scale with a 400-pound capacity if you are planning to handle large packages.

  • Design

The design of the shipping and postal scale was also taken into account. A number of these units feature a lightweight, one-piece design with the display and weighing platform connected. Others, especially with larger capacity scales have removable displays or connections to coil cords in order to make weighing large objects easier which could otherwise obstruct your field of view.

There are two types of shipping and postal scales: portable and tabletop. The portable ones are designed to weigh as little as three pounds and are easy to transport—a godsend in commercial areas and warehouses where constant weighing is the usual practice. Tabletop or floor scales on the other hand are better suited for large packages that don’t move as much as smaller items.

  • Large and Stable Platform

Our first scale, like a lot of other users, seemed quite perfect for our business when I purchased it. Truthfully, I was quite pleased with it. However, the problem appeared when I was trying to balance a boxed mattress on it (the platform measured 8″x8″) for an urgent delivery. Then I realized that I have a lot of scope to improve actually.

You’re more likely to have an accurate scale if you have a larger platform. In addition, shipping scales with bigger platforms usually come with higher maximum limits.

  • Calibrate-able

Even though I do not want to calibrate a scale before using it, it is nice to have the option. At some point in the future, if our scale becomes less accurate, I’d prefer a remedy other than to just throw it away and start over.

FAQs on Shipping and Postal Scales

  • What a postage scale actually is?

A postage scale is basically a weighing platform. A platform that can measure the weight of your letters and packages. This enables you to calculate the shipping costs beforehand. In addition, it further eliminates the needs of having to go to the post office to weigh the parcel. With some postage scales, you can even read and print the weight of your postage at the same time using a USB connection and actual shipping software.

  • How to weigh a package for shipping?

Place the item directly on the scale, ensuring that the weight is distributed evenly and that no portion of the box or parcel sticks out of the weighing platform.

  • What is the best shipping scale?

The Smart Weigh Shipping and Postal Scale is our top pick for the best shipping scale. With a 440-pound capacity, accuracy to +/- 1.7oz or 50g, and consistent readings, it is well rounded in all areas to become the best choice. Users are even able to weigh large packages with ease, thanks to the 4-foot coiled cord attached to the display.

  • Are food scales suitable for use in postage?

Yes. But, note that food scales are designed to handle lower weights, however, offer a precise measurement.

Final Verdict

Scales for the postal service are some of the most popular scales on the market, and for good reason. With a variety of benefits, they have become an essential part of many businesses and homes. Not to mention, purchasing a postage scale is an important decision that requires careful consideration. A good scale apart from being accurate, should be sturdy and easy to use.

Our top pick for best shipping and postal scale is the Smart Weigh Shipping and Postal Scale, a product we researched and tested for more than 12 hours. This scale is a real winner and is suitable for most regions as it can accommodate 440 pounds, has an accuracy of +/-1.7 ounces or 50 grams, and can measure in grams, kilograms, and pounds.

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