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Best Taylor Scale For Proper Measurement [Top 10 Recommendation]

Whether for fitness or measuring ingredients in the kitchen, the offerings from Taylor have been a go-to for many. That is why most of their models are among the top-selling scales in the market.

However, even some of the top-selling products from the manufacturer offer average overall performance. In fact, we have tested a few that does not have that good of an accuracy. And when it comes to weight scales, accuracy matters the most!

That is where our hunt for the best Taylor scale began. We have extensively tested the top-rated and the top-selling models they are offering. After comparing and putting all of them head to head, we managed to find out the options worth recommending.

And, we will talk about those models in this article, so to know about them in brief, read through the entire roundup!

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Taylor Scale

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Taylor Scale

When shopping for a weight scale, after selecting the brand you want to go for, you need to select the kind of device you want. To ensure that you select the right option or, you need to keep a few actors in mind.

buying guide for taylor scale

  • Measurements It Provides

Some weighing devices only give you measurements of your body weight. On the other hand, some can give you measurements of your BMI, your hydration level, body fat percentage, and muscle mass as well.

A tool that gives you accurate weight reading should be enough if you just want to monitor weight changes. It’s better to go with devices that give you more information if you are following a strict fitness plan or diet chart.

  • Weight Capacity

The higher the weight capacity, the better. This always means that the scale you are buying is going to be more durable.

A 320lbs to 440 lbs Weight capacity is a good range to look for. Weighing devices with lower capacity might break easily.

Even if you are confident that you won’t need a weighing device with more than 250 lbs weight capacity, having one that does can be a good idea if a guest wants to take measurements.

  • Size

A good quality scale will be comfortable enough to stand on freely but not too large to store.

So the platform needs to be wide enough for you to be able to stand properly. A 12 x 13-inch dimension is well enough. Standing in an uncomfortable position on the device can alter your weight and make the reading unreliable.

But the product should also be slim and compact so that it can be stored without any trouble.

  • Wifi and Bluetooth Connectivity

It would be a shame in today’s day of technology if the tool you buy cannot be connected to a mobile app.

Bluetooth and wifi connectivity lets you keep track of your changes in weight and other body measurements in one app. You can review the app and monitor your changes whenever you like. This also helps with the storage of your fitness routine data.

  • Customization

It’s pretty normal for people to try out different diets and fitness routines. The machine that you buy should be able to cope with these changes. Meaning there should be options for you to change the measuring unit from pounds to kilos and from cm to feet or vice versa.

Top 10 Best Taylor Scale Reviews

Taylor provides lots of options when it comes to weighing machines. Different models offer different benefits. Here is a detailed review of their top units so you can make the right choice.

1. Taylor Precision Products Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale

Taylor Precision Products Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale, 11 Lb. Capacity, Silver

Our top pick for the list is a scale with an impeccable accuracy rate — getting the amount of each ingredient right when cooking or baking is crucial. With this model, there is no chance of you messing up your recipes.

Besides the high accuracy, this model is also easy to calibrate. Kitchen scales need to be calibrated more often than bodyweight measuring machines. There is a knob on the structure that you have to twist to recalibrate the device — no need to restart the device between uses.

Measurements can be taken in pounds, kilograms, ounces, or grams. You can certainly call this one the best Taylor kitchen scale when it comes to customization! The weight limit on the device is a standard 5 kilograms or 11ls. There is a 50 gram or 1-ounce addition to this limit.

To maintain hygiene, the weighing bowl can be removed and cleaned. Use regular dish soap and warm water to get all the germs off.


  • Easy recalibration with the help of a knob
  • Highly accurate readings
  • Can take readings in kilograms, ounces, pounds, and grams
  • Weighing bowl can be removed and cleaned
  • 5-kilogram weight limit with 50-gram addition


  • Structure has sharp edges that could harm your kitchen decor

Why To Choose This Scale?

If you’re looking for a highly accurate kitchen scale, this is it. A 5-kilogram weight limit is more than enough for measuring cooking ingredients, and the thing is budget-friendly as well!

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2. Taylor Precision Products Digital Glass Top Household Kitchen Scale

Taylor Precision Products - 3842 Taylor Precision Products 11lb Digital Glass Top Household Kitchen Scale, Universal, Silver

Weighing machines for cooking are better when they are small. Thankfully the Taylor glass top scale is compact and easy to store. Weighing just 1.2 lbs, you can pick up and move the tool quite easily. A 9 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches dimension keeps you from having to clear out too much space in the kitchen.

Although the unit is small, it has a weight capacity of 11lbs or 5 kilograms. Measurements can be presented in metric or standard units.

There is always a risk of a weighing device falling and breaking in a kitchen, especially if the model has a glass top. But with durable and thick tempered glass construction, this one is the best Taylor digital scale for longevity.

Clean the glass with a wet towel. Even strong staining ingredients such as turmeric and beetroots won’t be able to leave a mark on the glass top. There is no possibility of the glass top hanging on to flavors and odor either.


  • Compact and easy to move with 9 x 7.5 x 1.5-inch dimension
  • Durable build with thick and tempered glass surface
  • Glasstop does not hold on to odor or stains
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to use one button on/off function


  • Glasstop is small; ingredients need to be measured in batches

Why To Choose This Scale?

Smaller glass top kitchen weighing devices as such are easy to use and store. Also, machines with such basic and simple designs can blend into any kitchen décor.

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3. Taylor Precision Products Digital Kitchen Scale

Taylor Precision Products Digital Kitchen Scale with Glass Platform, Tare Button, and Plastic Body Weighs Up to 6.6 Pounds Capacity

Here is an option for the people who are looking for a smaller scale. Available at an affordable price, the model is a great fit for smaller families or amateur cooks.

This small unit has a weight capacity of 3 kilograms or 6.6lbs. Constructed with plastic, the model is easy to carry and put away when not in need. Weighing only 1 lbs, moving the product certainly won’t cause your arms any pain. It’s the best Taylor popular food scale for people who do not have much room to spare in their kitchen.

Using the tare button on the device, you can zero out the scale after adding a bowl. Add your ingredients as you go to get the right numbers. You could also zero out this bowl and add more ingredients into the same bowl. This way, you can measure a different ingredient separately instead of having to add the numbers.

Place your ingredients on the scale to get them measured instantly. Using the machine is simple, and it also doesn’t require any installing.


  • Affordable price
  • Beginner-friendly technology
  • Automatically measures ingredients when put on a scale
  • Assed Tare button can zero out the scale
  • Can be used to measure mail pieces and jewelry


  • Plastic construction is not durable

Why To Choose This Scale?

Excellent measuring device that can be used to weigh ingredients, food portions, jewelry, and even mail. This can be the perfect gift for beginner cooks, college students, or people who are not too tech-savvy.

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4. Taylor Precision Products Digital Bathroom Scale

Taylor Precision Products Digital Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Body Weight Scale, Instant On and Off, 400 lb, Sturdy Clear Glass with Chrome Finish Base

One of the main things that you need to look for when buying weighing scales is weight capacity. Scales such as this one that has a high weight capacity of 400lbs will last a lot longer. The platform is durable and made with 8mm thick tempered glass. So don’t be afraid to step onto this curved weighing machine just because it’s made of glass.

Batteries on the product are replaceable and easy to find as well. Once the tool needs replacement, the low battery indicator will go off. There are no buttons you need to press, just stand on the device, and your weight will be shown to you.

A 3.2 x 1.2-inch screen displays your weight in large fonts — so tall people can see their weight clearly from a distance without bending or asking someone else. Four precision sensors have been added to the device so that the readings are precise. A high level of accuracy is what makes this the best Taylor bathroom scale on our list.


  • 8mm thick durable glass platform
  • High 400lb weight capacity
  • 4 precision points to increase reading accuracy
  • Notifies user when the battery is low
  • Low-profile design to prevent the device from tipping over


  • Does not have a backlit screen

Why To Choose This Scale?

Devices as such that have a high accuracy rate are a great investment. Also, because the tool has a 400lbs weight capacity, you can rest assured that the scale will not break easily.

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5. Taylor Precision Products Analog Scales for Body Weight

Taylor Precision Products Analog Scales for Body Weight, Rotating Dial, 300 LB Capacity, Black Textured Mat with Durable Metal Platform, Easy to Clean, 10.0 x 10.0 Inches, Black

Old school weight scales have their batteries. They do not require any batteries and usually last a lot longer than digital scales.

This product from Taylor is the same. There is a rotating scale that shows you your weight; no digital reading.

When it comes to durable steel construction, this is the best Taylor scale. Weighing machines made of steel take on more weight. The model at hand has a 300lbs weight capacity. There is no danger of the unit bending, breaking, or shattering into pieces.

Just because the weighing device is made of steel does not mean that it is not comfortable. A mat with a dump pattern has been added on top of the platform so you can stand at ease. The mat also helps you to stand still.

If needed, the mat can also be cleaned. Just remember not to use any harsh cleaning liquid or steel wool.

Mechanical scales as such do not need a change of battery. They do not need to be switched on either, just stand on the machine for automatic reading.


  • Fast and automatic measurements
  • Dump-pattern mat for comfort and stability
  • Long-lasting steel construction
  • No batteries required
  • Can be cleaned if needed


  • Reading can be hard to acquire from a rotating scale

Why To Choose This Scale?

Good option if you’re not into digital scales. Easy to use, easy to clean, and does not need a change of batteries. But reading the rotating scale is tough for people with bad eyesight.

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6. Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale

Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale, 440 Lb. Capacity

Out of all of the devices that we have on our Taylor scale review, this is a unique one.

If you have bad eyesight or if you are too tall, it must be difficult for you to check your body weight on the scale. Thankfully, with the Taylor Electronic Talking scale, you won’t have to worry about that.

After stepping onto the device, you can have your weight read out loud to you. Set the machine to do so, and a female voice will announce your body weight! Language options such as Spanish, Croatian, and German are also available besides the default English option.

Bodyweight is also displayed on the 1.1 inch LCD screen.

Besides having the unique talking feature, the design of the unit is also different from all the other models. The grey tones steel and glass platform stands out in the crowd. Three AAA batteries are needed to run the product. A low battery indicator will inform you when the battery needs to be changed.


  • Wide 12.2 inch platform
  • Weight can be announced by a female voice
  • English, German, Croatian, and Spanish language options are available
  • Unique steel and glass platform design
  • 440 lbs load taking capacity


  • Not easy to store
  • Weighs over 5lbs

Why To Choose This Scale?

Weighing scales that have a talking feature are quite hard to pass on! The tool can be a great buy for people who have vision impairment. A large platform makes the tool more comfortable to use as well.

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7. Taylor Precision Products Digital Scales for Body Weight

Taylor Precision Products Digital Scales for Body Weight, Highly Accurate 400 LB Capacity, Auto on and Off Scale, 11.8 x 11.8 Inches, Tonal Grey

This is another one of Taylor’s classic weighing devices with high accuracy. With this version, you get a large 11.8 x 11.8-inch glass platform. Like all the other glass models from the brand, this one too is made with high-quality tempered and thick glass.

A low-profile design helps keep the unit stable. As the construction is made of glass, it could break if the product falls from a height or is tipped over by accident. Shattered glass on the bathroom floor can never be good news, so the low-profile design helps make the thing less dangerous.

If you’re in a hurry, you could use the machine on a carpet as well, given that there are no vibrations. There are nice color options available for you to choose from. Ranging from vivid to basic colors and patterns, there is an option available for all kinds of bathroom décor.


  • A stable platform that does not topple over easily
  • Can be used on the carpet if there is no vibration
  • 9 different color and pattern options to choose from
  • In-depth instruction manual included for ease of use
  • Four grip padded holders on the back for stability


  • Users have complained about malfunctions in the product
  • Has a small error rate

Why To Choose This Scale?

Color options give you the freedom to choose a scale that goes with your bathroom décor. Although the device has a small error rate, most of the time, the product does give you the correct measurement.

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8. Taylor Precision Products Digital Scales

Taylor Precision Products Digital Scales for Body Weight, High 400 LB Capacity, Brushed Stainless Steel Thin Glass Platform, Unique Blue LCD, Durable Platform, 11.8 x 11.8 Inches, Stainless Steel

The device runs on two AAA batteries which are included with the purchase. Marketed as a low-maintenance body weight machine, the tool doesn’t need frequent battery changes.

Weighing machines as such that are constructed of stainless steel are also more hygienic. Because they do not have any mats or cloth-like surfaces, there is no possibility of germ build-up. You can use a simple rubbing alcohol pad or wet towel to give this thing a cleaning.

Remember not to step onto the platform with wet feet, or you might slip and fall.

Using a weighing machine on a carpet is not recommended. But the unit is capable of giving you a more or less accurate result even on an unstable surface. 0.2lbs increments call for precise readings. There are four rubber pads attached underneath the machine to hold it in place. Grips as such are great to have if you plan on setting the scale in a bathroom.


  • Easy to clean surface
  • Does not hold on to sweat or germs
  • Runs for a long time on one battery charge
  • 3 x 1.5-inch wide display
  • Black against blue contrast reading for ease of reading


  • Users can slip and fall if the platform is wet

Why To Choose This Scale?

Stainless steel weighing machines like this one that stay in place are great for the bathroom. It’s a good quality weighing device, but you have to be careful not to use it when your feet are wet!

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9. Taylor Precision Products Compact Digital Scale

Taylor Precision Products Compact Digital Scale (1020NFS)

Here we have another one of Taylor’s amazing compact scales. With this one, you can take measurements of both wet and dry ingredients! For measuring wet ingredients, the tool has a weight capacity of 5000ml or 175 fluid ounces. For dry ingredients, you get the standard 5-kilogram capacity.

Thankfully the measuring platform on the device is made of stainless steel. You won’t have to worry about this device getting shattered! The stainless steel platform does not hold on to smells or stains. But to maintain proper food hygiene, you can remove the platform and wash it.

Like most of Taylor’s popular food scales, the model comes with a tare button. An instruction guide is provided so you can understand how to use the tare button to get the most accurate measurements. On the mini scale, readings are displayed on a 0.6 inch LCD screen. There are separate hard buttons on the structure for changing units from ml to oz and from kilo to lbs.


  • Stainless steel platforms don’t get smelly
  • Can be used to measure both wet and dry ingredients
  • Hard buttons allow easy change of units
  • Instruction guide added on how to properly use tare button
  • Has NSF approval
  • Steel platform is removable for cleaning


  • Shows inaccurate results if very small amounts of ingredients are measured

Why To Choose This Scale?

This stainless steel kitchen scale is a great purchase for measuring wet and dry ingredients. It has NSF approval and is safer to use than other scales.

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10. Taylor Precision Products Glass Digital Bath Scale

Taylor Precision Products Glass Digital Bath Scale (Black/Silver)

Don’t you like it when your weighing machines need frequent battery changes? This is your solution. Because the model has an automatic shut-off feature, it shuts down when the device is not being used. Therefore, the device helps save the batteries.

Reverse or contrast readings allow you to see the measurement even when it’s dim. People with vision impairment can get their body weight checked with no barriers. Numbers displayed in red on the black background put less pressure on your eyes.

To make things easier, the device is ready to use straight out of the box. All you have to do is put the batteries in. No need to press any on/off buttons; standing on the tool will automatically start the device.

If needed, you can also recalibrate the scale. Recalibration will help make your readings more accurate, especially if you’ve traveled with the scale.


  • Red and black contrast reading
  • The quick and easy recalibration process
  • Can be used straight out of the box with batteries
  • Two-color options available
  • Maintains constancy in results


  • No kilogram or unit shifting option
  • Malfunctions if not used for a while

Why To Choose This Scale?

The device is exceptionally accurate. And the best part about this one is that it has a simple recalibration process, which is not that common among other average options.

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How To Reset A Taylor Scale?

There are many scenarios where resetting your Taylor scale might be necessary. You might be starting on a new fitness journey, or you might be passing the scale on to someone else.

This is how a Taylor weighing machine can be reset:

Step 1: Remove Batteries

For a safer reset, you should remove the batteries from the device. Batteries are usually placed at the bottom of the model.

Step 2: Let It Sit

After you’ve taken out the batteries, wait for about 10 minutes. Let the device sit without the batteries before you start working on it.

Best Taylor Scale

Step 3: Insert Batteries

When the 10 minute waiting period is over, you can add back the batteries. This can be two AA batteries or four, depending on the model of the scale.

Step 4: Place on a Flat Surface

Insert the batteries and place the scale on a flat surface with no carpet and vibration.

Step 5: Wake the Device Up

Now stand on the device and wait for a few seconds. About 5 seconds in, the weighing scale should wake up and be reset.

If this does not work, try standing on the scale first and then reinserting the batteries.

How To Change Taylor Scale From Kg To Lb

The unit of measurement will change depending on which region you are in. Some places like to take measurements in pounds and some in kilos.

If you’ve already set your scale to kg, once you turn the device on, you will see that it shows your current weight in kilos.

This is how you would then change your Taylor weighing apparatus from kg to lb:

Step 1: Power and Set

Turn the device on using the power button. Then instead of selecting the user number, you will choose the set button.

taylor digital scale

Step 2: Select Pounds

After the set button is pressed, the display will show two options; “pounds” and “kilograms.” With the help of the “</>” buttons, select the pound option.

If you wanted to change from pound to kilo, you would select the kilogram option.

Step 3: Press Set

Once the desired unit is selected, you will press the set button 4 times in a row. Before doing this, you will be presented with other settings on the device, which you can change if required. Ignore these options if you do not want to make any changes. Just keep pressing the set button.

What Battery Does A Taylor Scale Use?

The kind of battery that your Taylor scale uses depends on the model you have bought.

Usually, all Taylor weighing devices use lithium batteries. How many of these you need also depends on the model you have selected.

best taylor bathroom scales

For example, the Taylor 7517 bathroom scale uses just one CR2032 lithium battery. And the Taylor Precision Digital Scales uses 2 AA batteries.

Thankfully these batteries are easily available in most hardware stores or general shops. Replacing then is also quite easy and requires no tools.

Taylor Scale Vs Health O Meter

Both Health O Meter and Taylor are top brands when it comes to manufacturing weight scales. But which one should you invest in? Here is a summary of what the brands are like and what they focus on.

Health O Meter

The brand, Health O Meter,  was founded in 1919. The company focuses on making professional medical-grade weight scales. They are better known for making scales that go to hospitals, gyms, and physiotherapy centers. So it’s safe to say that the company makes weighing accurate machines.

Some of their popular kinds of scales are the waist-high beam scale, digital floor medical scale, portable scale with serial support, and baby and toddler scales.

A digital chair scale that they sell is quite well known in the medical community. It helps weigh adults who are paralyzed or cannot stand their feet.

There are simpler options available as well that take measurements of your daily weight change.

Best Taylor Scale

Taylor Weight Scales

On the other hand, Taylor scales are better known for at-home use.

Their popular models are the at-home weight tracking devices. Most of these models just take readings of your body weight. The ability to store fat percentage, body water percentage, or BLI measurements is not included in the basic models.

Because the devices are so accurate, there are options available for jewelry weight machines and kitchen scales as well.

One of their mentionable product is the portioning scale. It’s a scale that you can carry around for measuring out your meal portions. The thing comes with a cover and is super lightweight.

Although they have amazing options for the average user, they do not provide much help to the commercial sector. Rarely will a Taylor scale make its way to a hospital or a physiotherapy center.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Taylor Scale

Q: How To Check The Accuracy of A Digital Scale?

Ans: Take something that you know the exact weight of. Measure it on top of the scale. If the outputted weight matches the weight of the item, it is accurate. Even if it is off by 1-2%, you can consider it to be accurate.

Q: Are Glass Top Weight Scale For Food Safe?

Ans: According to us, the glass top scales are safer than the plastic-top ones. Most of the plastic-top models will not utilize BPA-free or toxin-free plastic. But for glass, there is really zero chance of toxins getting released into the food.

Q: Is a Dial Scale Worth It?

Ans: It depends. If it has a good build quality and offers accurate readings, it is surely worth it! Also, dial or mechanical scales are usually cheaper than digital versions.

Q: Does All Taylor Scale Come With Removable Tray?

Ans: Not really. There are plenty of options from Taylor out there that have a non-removable tray. So, if you prioritize a removable tray, consider referring to the product description before making a purchase.

Q: How Long Can A Taylor Scale Last With AAA Batteries?

Ans: Most of the Taylor scales will have an auto-off feature, which will enhance the battery life. Nonetheless, depending on your usage, you can expect to get at least a year!

Final Verdict

Taylor scales have been in the market for quite a while now. Very rarely have they disappointed a customer.

By providing simple, easy to use, and durable weighing devices they have acquired very high customer loyalty.

A weight scale from Taylor will last you a lifetime. So if you’re thinking about getting a weighing machine from the brand, you won’t regret your decision. Using our reviews as a guide you can gift yourself the best Taylor scale for your necessities.

Measure dry or wet ingredients for a recipe, or measure your body weight right at the comfort of your home!

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