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Best Tanita Scale Review In 2021 [Top 10 Recommendation]

Reaching your fitness goals becomes a lot easier with the right accessories. Digital weighing scale is one of the must-have tools when monitoring changes in body weight.

Now, there are thousands of options available when it comes to weighing scales. But Tanita scales have gained popularity for providing metabolic rate, body mass index, muscle and bone mass, and body fat percentage.

Out of the variety of options they offer, selecting the best Tanita scale based on your needs is crucial. If you want to keep proper track of your progress and goals, you need a tool that will offer more benefits than just stating your body weight. And we’re here to help you do that.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Tanita Scale

What Is A Tanita Scale?

Tanita started its journey in Japan from the year 1923. So it’s safe to say that the company has some experience in the field of manufacturing weighing scales. In the beginning, they only sold scales that were known for their high accuracy. As time progressed, they expanded by making body composition scales.

Best Tanita Scale

The weighing scales gained public approval for their medical level accuracy. They make both professional and consumer models. While the professional model helps hospitals, physical therapists, and gyms get accurate and precise indexes, the consumer models help regular people monitor changes in their bodies right at home.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Tanita Scale

Based on what you sue them for, there are many kinds of weighing scales. Some are used for measuring body weight, jewelry, food, and so on.

You need to select the kind of scale you want based on your needs. Here are some features that you can keep in mind when buying a Tanita weighing scale.

i. Type of Weighing Scale

As mentioned before, there are many kinds of weighing scales in the market. Some of these are:

  • Bodyweight Weighing Scale

This is the most common kind of scale. The unit is used to measure body weight and fat percentage at home. Many gyms or at-home health enthusiasts have these kinds of weight scales at home.

  • Floor Scale

You’ll find scales as such in factories. They are used to measure raw materials and mass products. Small business owners or industries also prefer having floor scales.

  • Nutrition Scale / Kitchen Scale

Nutrition Scales are used to measure foods. If you’re a baker you know how important it is to get the quantity of each ingredient right in a recipe. These units have high accuracy for weighing small amounts of stuff but have a low weight capacity.

Get your hands on the best Tanita kitchen scale if you want your dishes to come out perfect every time!

  • Shipping Scale

You’ll spot these at airports. Large scale weight machines or shipping scales are used to measure luggage before they are shipped from one place to the other.

ii. Size

Scales come in lots of different sizes. Even if you are buying a bodyweight scale for home, you need to take into consideration the amount of space you have to spare for the tool.

Most of the time, scales for measuring body weight are placed in the bathroom, gym, or bedroom. Make sure you settle on a size that you can accommodate.

best tanita scale review

iii. Accuracy of Result

The higher the accuracy, the better. Kitchen scales need to have more range of accuracy as they measure small quantities. Take a good look at the range of readability that the product offers before buying.

iv. Weight Capacity

It’s good to invest in body weighing tools that have a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. That way, a lot of people can weigh themselves without worrying about breaking the scale in two.

Floor and shipping scales need to have more weight capacity as they measure heavier stuff in larger quantities.

v. Type of Use

When buying a body weigh machine, you need to choose between consumer and commercial scales.

For example, when buying a scale for a hospital, you might want a unit that can give you metabolic rate, body mass index, muscle and bone mass, and body fat percentage readings. But when buying a weighing scale for home, a model that can give you your body weight and fat percentage is enough.

Top 10 Best Tanita Scale Review

Can’t seem to decide which Tanita Scale to buy? We’ve got you covered. Find all the top models from the brand that truly deserve your money.

1. Tanita BC-533 Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor

TANITA's BC-533 FDA Cleared Glass Innerscan Body Composition Monitor

The first product on our list has it all. With this one tiny tool, you can get nine different measurements; weight, bone mass, regular calorie consumption, physique ranking, visceral fats, physique water %, physique fats %, metabolic age, and muscle mass.

Considered as the best Tanita smart scale, the BC-533 also has an FDA-cleared, exclusive, safe, and trusted BIA. The bioelectric impedance analysis has been around since 1992.

The device has a total of 4 permanent memory storage locations. All your data, such as your birthday, current weight, gender, and goals, are stored here. Users can also choose from the three modes that the tool provides: weight only, athlete, and guest mode.

Your weight is displayed within a 20-second time frame. Displayed on a well-sized LCD screen, the weight is clear and easy to read even from a distance. Weights are stored in the memory and regulated so you can keep track of your progress.


  • Unique chrome and tempered glass construction
  • Shows results within 20 seconds
  • 2 lb accuracy body weight reading; gives precise results
  • Has a weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • Gives 9 different body measurements


  • Body fat reading is not the most precise

Why To Choose This Scale?

Overall, this tool is a great option for people who want to keep track of their body weight and health. With the option to measure 9 different factors of the body, this tool is worth every penny.

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2. Tanita RD-901 InnerScan PRO

TANITA's RD-901 InnerScan PRO, FDA Cleared, World's Only Consumer Multi Frequency, Bluetooth, Full Body Composition Monitor

A great way to keep track of your goals and progress is to use an app. Connectable with the Healthy Edge Mobile app, the RD-901 can help you organize your weekly and daily body weight count. All features are available for monitoring on this free app that works on both Apple and Android.

With little to no chances of a false result, this is the best Tanita scale for home use. If you’re looking for a weighing machine that will give you medical-grade precision, this is it.

Also known as the first multi-frequency scale in the world, the medical-grade weight scale can provide muscle mass and muscle mass quality analysis. Athletes can use these features to monitor their health during recovery or training periods.

Once someone steps on the tool, the machine automatically recognizes a user. Each user has a color-coded display with personalized charts and goals.


  • A Multifrequency scale that is highly accurate
  • Has the latest clearance from the FDA
  • Medical grade construction and technology
  • Automatic user recognition with color-coded interface
  • Connectable via Bluetooth with the healthy edge mobile app


  • Not user-friendly
  • Takes time to set up

Why To Choose This Scale?

A weight scale that is this accurate is a great option for athletes. Spend a little bit more money and get this model if you want Bluetooth connectivity with a fitness app and multi-frequency scale reading!

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3. Tanita 1479Z Digital Jewelry Scale

Tanita 1479Z Digital Jewelry Scale

The 1479Z is the improved version of the 1479V. This latest version is much lighter and more durable as well.

Weighing just 3.7 oz, it’s a great scale to travel with. Thick plastic construction ensures that the model does not break while moving. This is the best Tanita scale for jewelry with different unit options such as pennyweight, ounce, troy ounce, and gram. Anything that weighs less than 200g can be measured with the tool.

Besides having a better and more innovative design, the improved version also has a clearer LCD screen. Measure any kind of jewelry and find out the precise weight on the 4 digit display.

It runs on just one CR2032 battery. You get the battery included with your purchase. Although you won’t need frequent changes, the battery is easy to replace and widely available in most hardware and general stores. There are no limitations on the kinds of metals that can be used on the scale. Whether it be Gold, silver, or platinum, the jewelry can be weighed with no restrictions.


  • Larger 4 digit LCD screen
  • Battery is easy to find and replace
  • Hard and thick plastic construction for durability
  • More compact and innovative design than the last version
  • 200g weight capacity


  • Display does not have light

Why To Choose This Scale?

Compact jewelry scales as such can be very useful for traveling. Because the unit is durable, there is no possibility of breakage either. Although the unit has better readability, you might face some problems reading the tool at night.

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4. Tanita BF-679 Body Fat/Body Water Scale

TANITA's BF-679W FDA Cleared Multi-Frequency Weight / Body Fat / Body Water Scale

Having just any weight scale is never enough for monitoring weight loss and health. You need a model like this which gives you information about how hydrated your body is.

With that, you can also monitor you’re your body fat, all thanks to the BIA technology. The BIA that this Tanita model uses can be compared to high precision methods such as hydrostatic weighing and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. So you can easily use the tool for weight loss plans or even weight training. If needed, you can set the tool on weight-only mode as well. This can be useful for guests who just want a quick check on their body weight.

With 4 new AA batteries, the scale will operate for 2 years straight. There is little to no maintenance needed for this weight scale.


  • Regulates hydration status of the body
  • BIA accuracy comparable to hydrostatic weighing and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry
  • Runs uninterrupted on 4 AA batteries for two years
  • Storage is available for two adults and has a guest mode
  • Thin and compact design


  • Does not have the most durable construction

Why To Choose This Scale?

Helping you keep your body water percentage in check is one of the greatest advantages this tool gives you. Why not invest in a scale that runs on 4 AA batteries for two years, requires no maintenance, and can help keep track of your weight loss as well?

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5. Tanita HD-351 Digital Weight Scale

Tanita HD-351 Digital Weight Scale

Most of us tend to keep our weight scales in the bathroom. But not all weighing machines can be stored in a damp space like that.

Fortunately, the HD-351 model comes with incredibly strong construction. It has a heavy-duty design that can withstand almost anything, making it one of the best Tanita bathroom scales. No amount of moisture and dampness can cause this one any harm.

We love this model especially because of the high weight capacity. While most weighing tools stop at 300 or 320 lbs, the unit can take on up to 440 lbs! It’s safe to say that this model will last you a while before breaking.

A 0.2 lb accuracy ensures that you get the correct results every time. Being medical grade, you can trust the numbers that the product shows you blindly.

An extra-large LCD screen ensures clear visibility. The 2-inch, 2-line large display is easy to see from a distance.


  • 2-line, 2-inch large display for better visibility
  • Stores current and past weights of up to 5 users
  • Highest weight capacity on the list: 440 lbs!
  • Can be stored in the bathroom without fear of damage
  • Low-profile and wide platform for comfort


  • Large structure, not compact
  • Resetting unit takes a lot of time

Why To Choose This Scale?

Users who weigh over more than 300 lbs will love this model. The product is very durable, will last you a long time, and has a 0.2 lb accuracy!

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6. Tanita BC-554 Body Composition Scale

TANITA's BC-554 Ironman, FDA Cleared, World's Only Consumer Multi-Frequency, Full Body Composition Scale

Scales that have a recap function, such as the BC-554, are great for keeping track of your health plans. With just one click, you get to see your previous body weights and recorded body fat percentage.

There are nine measurements that the model offers for storing and analyzing: basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, body fat %, weight, physique rating, muscle mass, metabolic age, bone mass, and body water %.

Instructions are provided on setting up the device — adding your data and current weight and resetting them when needed is simple and easy.

Up to 4 people can store data on the model. When you stand, results are displayed in 20 seconds at max.

Although the weighing tool is made of glass, it’s quite strong and durable. People weighing up to 330 lbs can use the unit without worrying about damage. Even after years of use, the product rarely malfunctions.


  • Recap function for a quick review of progress
  • Easy to set up, store data, and reset
  • Glass platform with a weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • Little to no possibility of malfunction
  • 13 x 2 x 12 inch compact design


  • Turns into shattered glass in case the unit breaks
  • No Bluetooth connectivity with apps

Why To Choose This Scale?

A great buy for beginners who want a scale that is easy and simple to set up! Just make sure the thing does not fall from a height. Or else it will turn into shattered glass, which can be dangerous.

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7. Tanita UM-081 Scale plus Body Fat & Body Water Monitor

Tanita UM-081 Scale Plus Body Fat & Body Water Monitor

UM-081 is another one of Tanita’s classics. The unit can be used for three kinds of measurements; body water percentage, body fat percentage, and weight. After the measurements are taken, the machine also places you in a healthy fat range.

One of the best features of this model is that it shows a very accurate body water percentage. If you are following a health plan that has a strenuous exercise routine, you lose a lot of water throughout the day. This machine helps you keep track of the amount of water lost, so you don’t fall sick.

The body water percentage is taken with the famous Biometric impedance analysis system.

All data that is collected is kept private. You can store progress and health plans for up to two people on this device. For guests, select the weight-only feature for a quick check-up. Made with high-quality plastic and metal, the platform can take up to 330 lbs of weight.


  • Strong plastic and metal platform
  • Gives a highly accurate body water percentage
  • Data collected is kept private
  • Automatically places you in a healthy fat range
  • Can measure in both kilograms and pounds


  • Can store information about two users only

Why To Choose This Scale?

People who go through weight training or cardio will love this scale for keeping track of their water loss and current body water percentage. With just two-user storage available, this can be a great personal weight scale.

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8. Tanita HD-366 Digital Weight Scale

Tanita HD-366 Digital Weight Scale

This tool’s chrome steel and glass platform is a feature that makes it stand out in the crowd. The glass, being tempered, is shatterproof and durable. This gives the unit a weight capacity of 330 lbs. 8 mm thickness of the glass is what adds support and keeps it from shattering as well. The tool has a weight capacity of 440 lbs.

Not to mention, an all-black glass scale as such looks cool on the bathroom floor as well!

Because the platform is oversized, you get plenty of space to stand comfortably. No need to worry about taking readings off of this full-black scale! Added backlit reverse blue LCD screen helps you see measurements even in the dark.

To increase safety, the unit has a low-profile design. Therefore, the scale won’t tip over if you accidentally step on the side instead of the middle of the platform. There is no risk of the model breaking into a shattered glass and becoming a safety hazard.


  • All-black classy design
  • Backlit reverse blue LCS screen to increase visibility even in the dark
  • Low profile design to prevent the unit from tipping over
  • Oversized and comfortable scale
  • 8mm thick strong glass and steel platform


  • Has to be stored carefully, or it will break
  • Becomes slippery when wet

Why To Choose This Scale?

A cool full-black scale that not only looks cool but performs well. Added low profile design prevents the glass from breaking. The only concern is that it’s not safe to step on the scale with wet feet.

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9. Tanita HD-384 WH Digital Weight Scale

Tanita HD-384 WH Digital Weight Scale

Just like most of the products in this Tanita scale review, the unit also has the latest FDA clearance and BIA technology.

Three units of measurements are displayed on the widescreen at once for convenience. Customize the readings according to your needs. Weight can be taken in stone-pound, kilograms, and pounds. When weight units are changed, the units for height change automatically.

You could also customize the settings to show your weight in all three units at the same time. Units are shown on the improved backlit reverse blue LCD screen. Two options, a full black and a full white, with a blue screen, are available for purchase.

If you want to change the time and date or units after the initial setting, you can press and hold the recall button to reset the information. This process is simple and easy to follow. The HD-384 is another one of Tanita’s glass scale models. This strong glass platform can withstand about 200 kilograms or 410 lbs.


  • Two-color options to choose from
  • Can show weight in three units of measurement simultaneously
  • Unit for height changes automatically when weight unit is changed
  • Large font for ease of reading
  • Never gives a false reading


  • Cannot be fixed if broken; needs to be replaced
  • Expensive

Why To Choose This Scale?

Although the model is more on the expensive side, it’s capable of giving highly accurate readings. The large font is easy to read, even in low light.

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10. Tanita 1584 Baby Scale

Tanita 1584 Baby Scale

Baby weighing machines need to be comfortable and highly precise. This model has a weight capacity of 20 kilos and 1oz graduation! Readings are easy to take, thanks to the large LCD screen. One-click on/off feature makes the weighing process a lot faster.

The tray on which you put your baby can be removed easily. So you can wipe down the tray after each use to maintain good hygiene. This tray is also deep and comfortable with no sharp edges. Babies get some space to move around on the machine without the fear of falling down the side.

Because the tray is so deep, many veterinary clinics also use this tool. Large deep trays as such are great for frisky puppies and anxious cats. Compact in size, this machine is also light and easy to carry. However, we do have to mention that this thing is not cheap!


  • Deep and large tray with no sharp edges
  • Tray can be removed for a cleanup
  • Can be used in veterinary clinics
  • Quick one click on/off feature
  • Can take measurements in any unit desired


  • Tray will crack if not handled carefully

Why To Choose This Scale?

With a quick on/off feature and a large LCD screen, a deep tray makes for hassle-free weight measurement. It’s safe for your child as the removable tray can be cleaned easily.

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How To Use Tanita Scale?

To get accurate results, you need to set up this device correctly. Here is a general guideline on how to use a typical Tanita Scale properly.

Step 1: Insert Batteries

Most Tanita models come with batteries included. To insert the batteries, you need to take off the cover on the backside of the scale. Also, ensure that the polarity is correct when inserting the batteries.

 Step 2: Set the Time

After the battery is inserted, you can press any button to get access to the year setting. Select the current year, month, and date, and press on set.

Then the hour setting will appear on the screen. Go to the correct hour and press set. Similarly, set the minute settings as well.

best tanita body fat scale

Step 3: Adding Personal Data

Turn on the power and click on the “</>” buttons to navigate through the options. Select the personal data option and add your birthday, gender, and height.

Step 4: Place the Scale

A hard surface that is stable and has no vibrations is ideal for scale placement. If your floors are carpeted, you can attach the carpet feet that come with the scale.

Step 5: Start Measuring

Stand on the scale with no form of clothing on. This will ensure accurate results. The first reading that the tool shows is your body weight.

What Is Impedance On Tanita Scale?

Almost all of the models that Tanita manufactures have the Biometric Impedance Analysis technology. This is a way to measure the fat-free mass in your body. Electricals signals are sent through your feet to your upper body. This signal is completely safe.

The signal passes freely through water and parts of your body that are hydrated muscles. They only face resistance when in contact with fat tissue. Tanita scales take measurements of this resistance and give you scientific calculations about your body composition measurements.

Keep in mind, it’s not safe to stand on machines as such if you have any sort of electronic medical implant.

How To Calibrate Tanita Scale?

Calibrating a Tanita scale increases its accuracy. If the scale has been left unused for a long time, calibrating it is a must. It would help if you calibrated a Tanita scale when you first buy it or after it has traveled a long distance.

how to use tanita scale

When you first buy the scale, the unit travels from the manufacturer, to the supplier and through a lot more traveling to you. Movement as such can cause the product to lose its accuracy. Therefore a calibration of the product is a must after traveling. Otherwise, measurements, especially of smaller items, will be incorrect.

Here is how you can properly calibrate your Tanita Measuring scale:

Step 1: Turn the Scale off

Press on the “Off” key and keep on holding. After a few seconds, the device will shut down.

Step 2: Press the ‘” On” Key

While your fingers are still holding down the off-key, press the “on” button three times.

Step 3: Let Go of the “On” and “Off” Keys

Release both the buttons. Now you will see that the screen displays a “7-0” code. After a few seconds, the code will be replaced with “7-1”. If this does not happen automatically, you might have to add an object weighing 50gram to the product.

Step 4: Get to “7-2” Reading

To do this, you have to add a second object that weighs 50 grams on the scale. Once the object is placed, you will see the “7-2” code displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Get to “7-3” Reading

Usually, the machine reaches this reading automatically after the “7-2” reading. If not, you’ll place another 50-gram object on the scale.

Remove all the weights, the calibration is now complete. Wait for the machine to reset, add back all your data, and the unit is ready to use.

How To Reset Tanita Scale?

If you have different weight goals now or are planning on giving your scale to someone else, you will have to reset the device. Here is how you can reset the information and settings on your Tanita digital scale safely:

best tanita kitchen scale

  • Press and hold the Up and Set buttons at the same time
  • Let go of the buttons once you see the screen flash
  • Select the arrow button to go to the settings you want to change. If you want a complete reset, you can change all the information on the scale as you press the next using the “</>” buttons.
  • Press on “set” to confirm your settings and wait for the screen to flash again. This will confirm that the settings have been stored properly in the memory.
  • Stand on the scale after the settings have been added. This will take your current readings and store them.

If the steps above don’t work for you, you could try taking the batteries out. Wait for a few seconds and insert them again. Then follow the above-mentioned steps. It should work this time.

Final Verdict

A Tanita weighing scale can be highly beneficial when you’re trying to keep track of the changes in your body.

For the most accurate results, you need to select the best Tanita scale based on your requirements. It all depends on what kind of scale and analysis you need.

We’ve included a variety of options in our top 10 list. So we’re sure you’ll find something for yourself here.

Get your Tanita scale today and get a fresh start on your fitness journey!

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