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Best Mechanical Reloading Scale In 2021 | Top 8 Picks

If you are not reloading your cartridges, then you are missing out big time. As a competitive shooter or even for hunting, you may go through a considerable portion of ammunition in a short period. Reloading will not only provide you a first-hand experience but also save a lot of money.

But which mechanical scales should you opt for? I know the difficulty of choosing the correct scale; I will be discussing all the best mechanical reloading scale for your convenience.

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Top 8 Best Mechanical Reloading Scale Reviews

Purchasing the perfect mechanical reloading device for your needs is no easy task. So, here is my top 8 reloading scale picks that will help you choose one quickly.

1. OHAUS 30393272 5-0-5 Reloading Scale

OHAUS 30393272 5-0-5 Reloading Scale, 3.5' Height, 4' Wide, 11' Length

Finding a dependable mechanical reloading system can be difficult; Especially when there are important factors like weighing charges and inspecting ammunition. For this reason, the OHAUS 30393272 5-0-5 Reloading Scale is such a big hit. This reloading device is one of the most dependable ones in the market.

If you want a compact reloading scale, then the OHAUS one will come in handy. Compared to the conventional scales available nowadays, this one is smaller in size, making it easier to store and transport the scale device with much more ease.

When companies like the OHAUS put more effort and thought into their products, it shows they care. The base of this device contains cast metal material. Such cast metal items are more stable than products with other components. To make sure its stability is even better, it includes a built-in levelling foot.

Additionally, the construct of this scale comes with a simple black and white color combination, which provides superior visibility of the faceplate so that you have no trouble reading the scale. In order to ensure a precise load, it comes with 0.1 grains of increments. Therefore, if you need a scale for accurate reloading, then this one is a must-have.


  • It contains sturdy cast metal material
  • Provides superior durability
  • Its ergonomic design provides clear visibility
  • Time taken per load to level out is only 15 seconds


  • The pivots may become rusty
  • Loses its ability to return to zero

Why To Choose This Scale?

It is perfect for somebody who needs a compact reloading scale that does not take up much space.

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2. RCBS 98916 M1000 Mechanical Scale

RCBS 98916 M1000 Mechanical Scale,Green

It is imperative that the mechanical scale you get contains components of the highest quality. Some companies manufacture scales with cheap counterparts, which damages your product quickly and becomes a waste of your money. Instead, a quality scale like the RCBS 98916 M1000 Mechanical Scale will be the perfect option. One of the essential things you need to look into is the background of the scale product’s manufacturer or company.

One of the leading manufacturers, RCBS has always focused on improving the precision of their mechanical scales. They ensure that all of their reloading instruments contain superior durability.

Furthermore, this reloading product comes with powder dispensers, presses, dies, and all the necessary tools you need in order to create an appropriate reloading bench. And its wedge-shaped design provides a good amount of balance.

Although it lacks color contrast between the beam and the main body, it still provides a moderately good amount of visibility. This device is also relatively easy to calibrate. You can use something as simple as a thumbscrew to manage the beam’s level and make your desired adjustments. The groves of this device are at the correct depth and, even more impressively, provides a high accuracy reloading. Overall, you get a fantastic reloading scale at an affordable range.


  • Wedge-shaped and provides balance
  • The calibration process is easy
  • Cast iron material
  • Comes with accessories
  • It is ambidextrous


  • Arranging this scale can be time-consuming

Why To Choose This Scale?

If you want a semi-heavy reloading scale with good balance and accurate functions, then this is the one for you.

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3. Lee Precision Safety Scale

Lee Precision Safety Scale Red

One of the primary issues with most reloading scales is the setup and calibration. Sometimes your existing scale may function well for the first couple of times, but the reloading calibration will soon give inaccurate results. To overcome this challenge of the scale, a mechanical scale like the Lee Precision Safety Scale will be a good option.

The signature of Lee reloading devices is their simple design and quality control. For powder loads, it is necessary that the scale gives you consistent results with each load. And the Lee device does precisely that. It may not be as quick as your local digital scale that sometimes uses inaccurate paperweights, but it undoubtedly gives more accurate results.

One thing to keep in mind, this scale’s pivot is extremely sharp; therefore, you have to take extra caution when cleaning this item. But the purpose of this scale’s razor blade is to provide a precise point for a quality balance. Additionally, it can weigh a maximum of up to 110 grams.

Since the 10-grain poise increment of this scale is farther apart, even a simple 1/10 grain over or underweight will become evident on the beam. Therefore, you will not face reloading inaccuracies. All in all, this Lee device is the best mechanical powder scale for reloading in the market.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • It can weigh up to 110 grams
  • Contains aluminum base
  • No reloading inaccuracies will occur
  • This is relatively less expensive


  • Precise but challenging to use

Why To Choose This Scale?

If you are new to reloading scales, this device will be your go-to as it provides accurate results.

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4. RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale

RCBS 98915 M500 Mechanical Scale

Are you on the lookout for a reloading scale that does not go out of calibration? It sounds like a dream, but the RCBS M500 Mechanical Scale provides a well-calibrated scale that you will not have to adjust with every single usage. This unique device comes with a beam scale that does not waiver easily and will provide you accurate reloading status each time you use it.

Furthermore, this metal reloading device provides an accuracy of 0.1 grain. Interestingly, it also comes with three extra pointers on the scale’s base to the left side.

These pointers help to provide you information on whether your load is off or not. You can observe whether the scale is on the lower or higher end. Therefore, you do not have to calibrate it completely; just leveling out the beam will be enough.

Let me now talk about this scale’s sturdy metal base and structure. With its ergonomic base design, the RCBS device allows it to maintain the right amount of balance. Since it is capable of measuring 1/10th of a grain, this quality balance provides an extra punch to deliver accurate results.

Moreover, this free-swinging scale allows you to operate swiftly. With some conventional reloading scales, you might need to work extra to get the beam in a moving position. Luckily, this RCBS device provides a solution to that issue. Without a doubt, this is the best mechanical scale for reloading.


  • Provides good balance
  • The beam works perfectly
  • No excess calibration needed
  • Capable of measuring 1/10 of a grain


  • Cheaply made and not durable

Why To Choose This Scale?

This mechanical scale is perfect for people who do not want to deal with excessive calibration.

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5. Ohaus Mechanical Triple Beam Balance

Ohaus - 80000012 Specialty Mechanical Triple Beam Balance, with Stainless Steel Plate, 610g Capacity, 0.1g Readability

Are you in need of a reloading scale for your project or teaching purposes? Then this Ohaus Mechanical Triple Beam Balance will be a great option. It comes with a superior sturdiness that allows it to be the best choice for any classroom or laboratory usage. This device has a capacity of 610 grams alongside an accuracy of 0.1 grams. The poises are 10, 500, and 100 gm.

Therefore, the balance operation game of this reloading scale is top-notch. You can determine the mass and weight of an object with the help of its several poises and scales.

Furthermore, if you want a simple reloading device, this Ohaus one will be a far better option than any digital one out there. You can use this versatile Ohaus device as a reloading scale as well as a means of weighing objects. Its analytical and precise balance will offer a high level of accuracy. This feature of the scale makes it usable for lab experiments without any worries.

Interestingly, this device comes with built-in magnetic properties. If you are worried about the increased productivity of the device, this magnetic damping will come to the rescue and speed up the weighing process to make it easier for you. Overall, this metal reloading scale will be a great addition.


  • 1g readability or accuracy available
  • The base is made of stainless steel
  • Perfect for using in labs
  • It comes with a weight limit of 610 grams


  • You may have trouble assembling it

Why To Choose This Scale?

This reloading device will be perfect for laboratory experiments or weighing objects.

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6. Ohaus 5-0-2 Reloading Scale

Ohaus 5-0-2 Reloading Scale, Cast Metal, Light Grey

Choosing a dependable reloading scale is a difficult task. Especially if you are new to purchasing a reloading scale, the complexities may confuse you.

Hence, I will talk about a dependable and easy-to-operate reloading scale that will be an excellent choice for you; the Ohaus 5-0-2 Reloading Scale. This scale provides superior versatility, and you can use it whether you are a hunter, into competitive sport shooting, or you just want to verify bullet weights.

Since it comes with standard weighing charges for the reloading shells, you can expect the reloading scales to provide an accurate result each time you use them. From the name 5-0-2, you can guess that this scale comes with two poises with 505 grains. Therefore, in case of any basic reloading, this Ohaus device will be an excellent choice.

Plus, the readability of this device is 0.1 grain; such a small readability amount will allow you to measure even more effectively.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design of this scale is beneficial. It comes with a rugged and wide base which provides the right amount of balance. You can even use its single leveling point to calibrate and level out the reloading device whenever you need to.


  • 505 grains capacity
  • The sturdy base provides balance
  • It allows readability up to 0.1 grain
  • A leveling point helps with calibration


  • The increments may not line up with the pointers

Why To Choose This Scale?

It will be the perfect choice if the sensitivity of the reloading scale is what you are after.

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7. Redding Reloading Bullet Scale

Redding Reloading - Powder & Bullet Scale #2 Master

Understanding the exact weight at a glance of the scale is not something all reloading scales provide.

This convenient feature is essential for the reloading scale to provide easy and quick results. Therefore, your scale must have good-quality readability that allows you to notice the measurements at a quick glance.

The Redding Reloading Bullet Scale device is perfect because it provides a readability of 0.01 grain.

Additionally, the beam pointer of this device comes with clear-cut marked increments so that you can avoid any confusion. And if you are worried about calibration, the Redding device has a solution for that as well. Most conventional reloading scales come with one issue: leveling. It is a hassle to level it each time you use the device.

But the Redding one contains a black screw on the deck of the device that you can use to balance efficiently. The combination of quick weighing and easier readability makes it top-notch. When it comes to relatively inexpensive reloading scales, there is always a chance that the scale will not provide accurate readings.

Plus, let us face it, verniers can be quite challenging to operate at times. But this reloading device makes the entire process much smoother. Not only is the scale inexpensive, but it finishes the job impressively.


  • It comes with a magnetically dampened beam
  • There are two counterpoise system
  • Convenient pour spout pan
  • Provides 0.1 grain of readability
  • Inexpensive but efficient


  • Too light and might lose balance

Why To Choose This Scale?

This is a reliable and easy-to-use reloading scale for anybody who likes simplicity.

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8. Ohaus Cent-O-Gram Mechanical Balance

Ohaus Cent-O-Gram Overhead Mechanical Balance, 311g Capacity, 0.01g Readability - 80000010

A high-precision and accurate value should be the primary feature of any mechanical reloading device.

In order to visualize the mass measurement, your scale must come with convenient readability and leveling system. The Ohaus Cent-O-Gram Mechanical Balance can help you with that. This stainless steel scale will be a saving grace.

Most of the scales in the market come with leveling or positioning issues. The first couple of weighing uses are pretty accurate, but the calibration system is bothersome. But the Ohaus Cent-O-Gram eliminates this issue as it contains a feature for positive positioning of the poises. Therefore, you will get repeatable results even with multiple uses.

Moreover, it comes with an aluminum casted base, which is sturdier than the previous steel ones.

The aluminum material of the scale also provides durability. You do not have to bother with repeated level adjustments because the three-point base comes with a unique beam design and floating bearing principle.

Furthermore, this device accepts single weighing units alongside providing steel knife-edges. Suffice to say, you have to be careful with cleaning the scale’s beam. In addition to the tired beams, you also get a removable stainless steel pan that will last a long time.


  • A single weighing unit is acceptable
  • The beams and dial plates are easy to read
  • It comes with a weight limit of 311 grams
  • Its aluminum base is sturdy
  • Level adjustment is not necessary


  • Its gravity stand is not very reliable

Why To Choose This Scale?

It is overall a good scale that does not require constant level adjustments.

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Why Do You Need Mechanical Reloading Scale?

Mechanical reloading scales are a must-have if you are into reloading your own cartridges. The primary concern of reloading cartridges is achieving that perfect accuracy. While the digital reloading scales provide some ups in this area, like showing a digital display, people still veer more towards the mechanical ones.

  • In order to measure powder with accuracy, even a 0.1 grain of difference can change the results significantly.

Sometimes, the digitals scales are unable to differentiate such a slight change. Instead, you need a mechanical reloading device with good-quality readability.

Best Mechanical Reloading Scale

  • Additionally, these mechanical scales can help you provide an accurate calculation for projectiles and weighing brass cases.

There is no more reason to wait for the scale to warm up like the digital ones; therefore, quick results will be available.

  • Some of the reloading scales come with a weight capacity of 505 grains, like the Ohaus 5-0-2 Reloading scale, which can be rather helpful.

Overall, whether you want to reload your own cartridges or deal with laboratory experiments, a mechanical reloading scale will be your best bet.

Digital vs. Mechanical Reloading Scale

Here is a real question, is a digital or a mechanical scale better? Since both of these reloading devices are moderately expensive, you may have to choose either a digital one or a mechanical one based on your needs. Here is a basic comparison of the scales for your convenience.

Mechanical Reloading Scale

The mechanical scales are a perfect choice for someone who goes through a lot of ammunition quickly.

Therefore, reloading your used cartridges with the assistance of an automatic reloading device will be a perfect option for you. This reloading process also adds up to a satisfactory experience.

  • You can use the smallest possible measurement on the scale’s beam to get accurate results. Some products like the Redding Reloading Bullet Scale come with 0.1 grain of accuracy.
  • No extra battery or charge is necessary for the mechanical scales. You can simply use these scales whenever you need them without any additional preparation.
  • You will have to calibrate the scale devices after each usage in order to get accurate results. The mechanical calibration process may seem a bit difficult at first.
  • Most of these scales are relatively inexpensive, and you may need to choose a scale that comes with durable components.

best mechanical powder scale for reloading

Digital Reloading Scale

One of the primary reasons for using digital reloading scales is to avoid human error.

While the mechanical ones allow the freedom of quickly measuring cartridges, there is a chance that the manual reloading process will be faulty. And hence, to minimize reloading error, a digital scale is preferable.

  • The digital scales are much easier to use compared to the mechanical ones.
  • Most of the digital reloading machines require batteries and no charging. However, the scale will not function immediately; you will have to let the device warm up first.
  • A digital reloading device may be easier to use, but they are inaccurate at times.

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Final Words

Nothing can be better than reloading your own cartridges. No digital reloading device will give you the experience of measuring and reloading.

And even if the calibration or function seems complicated at first, the scale devices will become easier as you start experimenting with them.

And this mechanical reloading scale review will tell you all about it. The best mechanical reloading scale among these eight devices is the Lee Precision Safety Scale because it has incredible features to make your reloading experience ten-fold better.

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