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Best Infant Scale for Breastfeeding [Recommendation]

We know how big of joy it is for a mother to watch their babies grow. It makes the exhausting days and sleepless nights feel like nothing. That is why many parents want to keep an eye on the growth of their babies. So, they visit the pediatrician more often. It is a good practice. Even most of the doctors recommend doing the same.

However, for busy parents, those visits can become quite a hassle. Well, that is where the best infant scale models step in. While the regular scales are a hassle to use, these will have a user-friendly design that will make measuring the baby’s weight a piece of cake.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Infant Scale for Breastfeeding

An Insightful Buying Guide To The Best Infant Scale for Breastfeeding

There are a couple of things that you should factor in before purchasing one of these. By keeping these factors in your mind, the chances of you buying something worth every penny will be high.

So, without further ado, let us get into describing the factors we are referring to here:

  • Accuracy

The accuracy is the most important thing about a scale. Do you know why? Well, these scales are generally used to monitor growth. And if the scale gives unreliable readings, it will be pretty much impossible for you to determine the growth rate of infants.

  • Design

Apart from the accuracy, the design is another important factor. Without having a comfortable design, the infant will not feel comfortable on the tray. And when they feel uncomfortable, they will move too much, which can make it difficult for the scale to get a proper reading.

Additionally, do make sure that the tray has a curved shape, or else there will be a risk of the infant falling off when they are on top. Also, if the texture of the surface is rough, the delicate skin of the babies can get hurt. So, consider that too!

Best Infant Scale Reviews

  • Display

Almost all of the infant scales that are in the market are digital. And they will rely on the display to output the readings.

Here, for the display, the first thing to consider would be the size. If the display is not that large, it will show small texts or digits that will be hard to read.

Secondly, consider whether the display has a backlight or not. Without the display having a backlight, it will be hard for you to read the text when the room is a bit dark.

  • Zeroing Function

Having a zeroing function will make the task of comparing the growth a breeze. This function will basically take the first weight as a reference. And after you weigh your baby, it will show how much weight they have gained. So, you will not have to remember or write down any weights.

  • Swiveling Locks

One of the things that most of the manufacturers are going to skip is the swiveling locks. However, this is pretty important. Without having these locks, the tray is going to move a lot. And that would be pretty risky for the baby. So, if the tray is removable, do consider whether it has locking mechanisms or not.

Top 9 Best Infant Scale for Breastfeeding

The market is flooded with these scales. But not all of them are that easy to use. We even used some that are not capable of accommodating infants adequately. So, to ensure that you do not have the same experience, we tested out the top-rated models. And among them, these are the ones we can stand behind:

1. MomMed Baby Scale Review

MomMed Baby Scale, Multi-Function Toddler Scale, Baby Scale Digital, Pet Scale, Infant Scale with Hold Function, Blue Backlight, Weight and Height Track (24 inch)

We are going to start off our infant scale review section with this offering that is from MomMed. Are you wondering why it is in the top position? Well, you will soon find out! The first thing that makes it stand out as the best infant weight scale is its versatility. It has the right design to accommodate infants, toddlers, pets, and adults. That means you will not have to clutter your home with multiple scales. This scale will be enough to meet all of your weight-checking needs.

Apart from being highly versatile, the offering is exceptionally accurate. It incorporates high-precision sensors, which are going to offer stable and reliable readings. And the range of the scale is from 0.1 lb to 200 lb. So, it will be easier to monitor the growth of infants properly.

Additionally, the design is user-friendly. It has touch-sensitive buttons. And all of the buttons have proper labeling on them. The LCD display is reasonably large too. It outputs large-sized numbers, and you can adequately read the measurements even when it is relatively dark due to the backlighting. There is a function that will enable you to get readings in kilograms, oz, and pounds. And the hold function will keep the weight locked in.

So, even if the infant moves too much, it will not be that difficult to measure the weight. Also, there are swivel locks on the bottom of the tray. That will make it easier to place the scale.


  • Highly accurate
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Has sensitive buttons
  • Utilizes a large backlit LCD
  • Features multiple convenient functions


  • The durability of swivel locks is not that high
  • Some units might glitch from time to time

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This scale was easy to recommend as the best infant weight scale as it is highly versatile and exceptionally accurate at the same time.

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2. Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale Review

Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale, 44 Pound Capacity, 3 Weighing Modes, Accurate Digital Scale for Infants, Toddlers, and Babies

While there are plenty of brands out there that will offer scales to weigh infants, they will not put proper emphasis on comfort for their offerings. However, that is not the case for this one that is from Smart Weigh. Unlike the other options, this one has a smooth surface. Due to the smooth surface, the infant will not face any discomfort when they are on the top.

The upper portion is considerably large too. And thanks to the curved shape of the surface, it will be easier for you to keep the infant on the top. The device can offer accurate readings too. And the best part is that it will offer those readings within seconds. It can display the weights in both kilograms and pounds. So, there will be no need to convert one unit to another manually. The LCD is pretty large in size too. It has backlighting and outputs large texts.

Other than that, it is relatively easy to use. The display will flash the reading when it has adequately registered the weight. Also, it has a hold function that will hold the registered weight on the screen. That means even if the baby moves too much, there will be no issues in getting an accurate measurement.


  • It has a large surface on the top
  • Offers accurate readings
  • Provides readings in both kilograms and pounds
  • Boasts a hold function
  • The surface is curved and is smooth


  • Some might have a dimly lit LCD screen
  • It does not stabilize that well on carpets or soft surfaces

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This one has a smooth surface on the top. And due to the fact that the surface is curved, infants will not be uncomfortable while being on top of it.

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3. Unicherry Bluetooth Scale Review

UNICHERRY Bluetooth Baby Scale, Toddler Scale, Multifunction Pet and Infant Scale with 4 Measuring Modes, Baby Weight Scale with App, Accurate Pediatric Scale for Newborn

Ever thought that weight scales can have Bluetooth functionalities? Yes, they have so much that they have become “smart.” And this scale from Unicherry is an excellent example of that.

As we mentioned, the scale has a Bluetooth chip. That allows the user to pair the scale-up with the bundled app. Now, what does the app offer? It will store and will enable you to track the growth of the infant easily. So, there will be no need to manually write the weights down to compare them afterward. Storing the weight measurements is not the only thing the app offers. It will also alert the user when the growth is not optimal. And for comparing the status, the app will utilize the standards on WHO Child Weight Growth. For that reason, you can entirely rely on the app.

The weight scale is reasonably accurate too. It can offer a precision level of 10 grams. And the measurement range is from 0.1 to 220 pounds, which makes it ideal for different applications. You can measure the weight of infants, pets, and other small objects. Even the built-in LCD screen is a proper performer. It is large and bright. That means there will be no need to struggle that much when it comes to reading what it is outputting.

Also, it has two swivel locks on the bottom. Those will work like wonders in terms of preventing accidents.


  • Features Bluetooth functionalities
  • The bundled app has loads of monitoring features
  • Can measure from 0.1 to 220 pounds
  • Boasts a large and bright LCD screen
  • It has two swivel locks


  • The app can keep track of one person at a time properly
  • It does not have a large capacity battery

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The thing that makes it an easy pick for the best infant scale for breastfeeding is the smart features. Also, let us not forget how accurate it is!

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4. Greater Goods Smart Baby Scale Review

Greater Goods Smart Baby Scale - Accurately Chart The Progress of Your Baby | with in-House Algorithm for Wiggly Babies | Works as Infant & Toddler Scale (Smart Bluetooth Connected)

Another smart scale that we have in this infant scale review is this one that is from Greater Goods. However, it stands out in a couple of things compared to the other one we just looked at.

First of all, it is easy to work with the bundled app. You can make a stable connection with your smart device without going through any hassles at all. The app even has a simplified UI, which will make the setup process feel like a breeze. Also, the app can properly track the progress of growth. When it comes to accuracy, the scale is up to the mark. It utilizes a proprietary settling algorithm to precisely measure the weight. Even if the baby on top is moving too much, it will not show off-readings. So, there will be no need to hold the infant in place.

Additionally, the app lets you set milestones. And you can set multiple profiles in it. For that reason, if you have multiple infants, getting multiple scales will not be necessary. Also, it has a weight capacity of up to sixty-six pounds, which means you can even use it for toddlers and pets.

The upper tray is removable. And the tray has a curved design, which will make the baby feel comfortable when it is on the top. Also, the screen is pretty large in size, and it outputs texts that are easy to read.


  • The setup process is easy
  • Utilizes proprietary settling algorithm
  • Precisely measures weight
  • Can hold up to 66 pounds
  • It has a removable tray


  • The app does not state the date of the readings
  • It does not have bright backlighting on the LCD

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This is another excellent pick for the best baby scale for breastfeeding. It has smart features, which will make the task of monitoring the growth of infants hassle-free.

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5. BYKAZATY Multi-Function Scale Review

MEKBOK Pet Scale with Tape Measure, Multi-Function Baby Scale, Infant Scale Digital Weight with Height Tray(Max: 70cm), Measure Weight Accurately(Max: 220lb), Perfect for Toddler/Puppy /Cat/Dog/Adult

On the lookout for the best at home infant scale that has multiple functionalities? Well, if that is the case, you should take a look at what BYKAZATY is offering here.

Let us first talk about how accurate the scale is. It relies on multiple precision sensors to offer the most accurate readings. The accuracy of the unit is at 0.02 pounds. Also, it holds the ability to show the readings in ounces, kilograms, and pounds. It even comes with a reasonably large-sized tray. For the curved design that it utilizes, the infant on top will not feel any discomfort at all. And considering the fact that it can read from 0.11 pounds to 220 pounds, you should be able to use it for babies, pets, and toddlers.

Apart from being versatile, it utilizes a high-quality screen. The screen has proper backlighting features and can output large texts. So, it will be possible to measure the weight of infants in the dark. You will not have to worry about waking them up. On that note, there are swivel locks on the bottom. Those will ensure that the tray remains stable, and the babies remain completely safe when they are on top of the scale. And thanks to the hold function, the readings will not be off even if the infant moves too much.


  • Reasonably versatile
  • Offers readings in three different units
  • Boasts a high-quality screen
  • Has swivel locks on the bottom
  • Bundles with a large tray


  • It does not have a proper zeroing function
  • The controls can be a bit glitchy sometimes

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It is a multi-functional scale that can output readings in three different units. Also, the accuracy of the readings is at 0.02 lb, which makes it highly capable of offering precise weight measurements.

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6. KAZETEC Multi-Function Baby Scale Review

KAZETEC Pet Scale, Multi-Function Baby Scale, Digital Toddler Scale with Hold Function, Infant Scale Measure Adult/Cat/Dog Weight Max:220lb and Height Max:60cm Accurately, Precision at ± 10g, KG/LB/OZ

Want to invest in the best baby scale for breastfeeding that you can use even when your baby grows up? Well, we might have the right thing for you then! The scale comes with a tray that is pretty large in length. And the best part is that it is removable. That means when the baby grows into a toddler and is too big for the weight scale, you can just remove it and use it as a regular scale. Also, the tray has the ability to measure length. The maximum capacity is up to 60 cm.

When it comes to weight, it can measure up to a maximum of 220 pounds. It would be possible to use it as an infant, pet, and toddler scale without any issues. And the weight it measures is highly accurate. You can completely rely on it to monitor the growth of the infant.

Additionally, there are multiple built-in functions. The hold function will properly register the right weight even when the baby moves too much on the surface. And it can output the weight in three different units. The display is reasonably large in size too. It has a bright blue backlight, which will make it easier to see the texts.

Lastly, the upper surface of the scale has a proper design. It will not make the infant feel uncomfortable. And as it is of HIPS plastic, you will not have to worry about it breaking that easily.


  • Bundles with a large removable tray
  • Features a comfortable design
  • Can measure the length
  • Outputs the weight measurement in three different units
  • Made of durable material


  • It does not have any swiveling locks
  • Wobbles a bit on carpets

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

It ships with a large removable tray, which will make it stay functional even when the infant grows into a toddler. Also, the tray has a comfortable design.

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7. KUBEI Baby Scale Review

KUBEI Baby Scale, Digital Infant Scale, Multi-Function Digital Scale for Pets, Toddler Scale with Measure Babies Weight and Height Tray, Precision Digital Puppy Scale with kg/lb/oz, Holding Function

Without having a locking design, it will get pretty difficult to measure infants that move too much accurately. Well, unlike some of the other brands, KUBEI kept that in mind when they were manufacturing this scale. Like we mentioned, this one has an innovative locking design on the tray. That will enable you to keep the tray in place, eventually making it easier to measure infants correctly. Also, the concave shape of the surface will cradle the baby and keep them safe when they are on the top.

Alongside that, the LCD that it utilizes is pretty bright. It outputs large texts and has a blue backlight to make it easier to read the texts. The best part is that the LCD backlight automatically shuts off when the infant is not on top. So, you can expect to get a good running time out of the batteries. It even has multiple built-in functions. There is a zero function, which will store a measurement as a reference. It will be easier to compare the growth because of that. There is a hold function too. That eliminates the hassle of holding the baby in place when trying to get an accurate measurement.

The scale talking of which is exceptionally accurate. It has an accuracy of 0.02 lb. And it can measure weight from 0.1 lb to 220lb, which means you can use it even after your baby grows up and gets into the toddler or teenage stage.


  • Sports an innovative locking mechanism
  • It has a concave shape on the top
  • Utilizes a reasonably bright LCD
  • Power-efficient
  • Features a zeroing function


  • The overall build quality is not that praiseworthy
  • Wobbles a bit on soft surfaces and carpets

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This one has an innovative locking mechanism that will work like a charm to keep the tray stable. Also, due to the zeroing function, comparing the growth will be a hassle-free process.

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8. LINKPAL Baby Scale Review

Baby Scale, Pet Scale, Smart Weigh Baby Scale, Weighs [LB/ST/KG], Accurate Digital Scale for Infants, Toddlers, and Babies, Newborn/Puppy, Cat – Animals

Even though there are plenty of accurate infant scales out there, there are only a few with different safety designs. And this one by LINKPAL is one of those few.

To start with, it has a comfortable design. The upper surface has a smooth texture, which will not be harsh to the skin. And thanks to the wide and curved shape of the tray, infants will feel completely comfortable when they are on top of it. Also, this shape will ensure that the infant does not fall off from the top.

In addition to that, the overall construction of the body is of ABS food-grade material. There are overload indicators that will prevent any damage from occurring to the sensors. And for the low battery indicator, you will not have to guess when you should replace the batteries. Talking of sensors, it relies on plenty of high-precision ones. Thanks to those, it can offer an up-to-the-mark accuracy in terms of reading weights. The maximum load it can take is 44 pounds or 20 kilograms. And the device holds the ability to output readings in kg, pound, and oz.

There is a tare function too. That will take a reference weight and zero it down. After that, it will show how much weight the infant has gained compared to the reference weight. In other words, it will make the process of comparing the growth easier.


  • The texture on the top is smooth and comforting
  • It has a curved shape
  • Features low battery and overload indicators
  • The accuracy is at 0.02 lbs
  • Sports a tare function


  • The maximum load is only 44 pounds
  • It does not feature a backlit display

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The manufacturer kept all the safety concerns in mind while manufacturing this product. It has low battery and overload sensors, a curved tray, and a smooth texture on the top.

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9. Graco Digital LCD Infant Scale Review

Graco Digital LCD Infant to Toddler to Big Kid Multifunction Baby Weight Scale, 3 Weighing Modes, Removable Tray, Downloadable Growth Chart, 220 Lb Capacity

Were you looking for the best at home infant scale that has a high capacity and multiple operating modes? Well, if you were, you are in luck because Graco is offering what you were on the hunt for.

Like we mentioned, this one has three different operating modes. You can switch to normal, baby and mommy, and milk intake with just a tap of a button. The milk intake mode calculates the amount of milk the infant has consumed, while the baby and mommy mode will let you weigh the infant while holding them. No matter which mode you select, you will end up with accurate readings. It even has the hold mode that most of the other weight scales have. That will allow you to get precise weight readings without any hassles. And the display is pretty bright and has intuitive touch controls on the side.

Even the tray is removable. That, combined with the ability to measure up to 220 pounds, makes it highly versatile. You can use it even when your infants grow up. And the display is rotatable. So, when you are standing on it, you will not have any issue regarding reading the texts.

Additionally, as the tray has a curved shape, you will not have to worry about the infant falling off when they are on it. The tray also has an etched scale, making it easier to measure the infants’ height.


  • Boasts three different modes
  • Features a hold mode
  • Sports a bright display
  • Has intuitive touch controls
  • It comes with a curved tray


  • The display is not that bright
  • It does not have any swiveling locks

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

The fact that it has three different modes amazes us. This scale makes measuring the amount of milk the infant has consumed look easy. Also, the removable tray is just a cherry on the top.

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Why Do You Need an Infant Scale

As we have mentioned above, doctors always suggest parents keep the weight of the infant in check.

In fact, whenever you visit a pediatrician, they will first check the baby’s weight. But why do doctors and pediatricians measure the weight? And why should you consider getting a scale to monitor it by yourself?

Well, you will find all the answers in this segment. So, keep on reading.

  • Growth Rate

Monitoring the weight makes it easier to check whether the growth is at the right rate or not.

Now, why would one need to check whether the growth rate is right or not? Well, it can state a couple of things. Firstly, it will tell whether the infant is getting the right amount of milk or not. If the rate is not that high or non-existent, chances are the baby is not getting a sufficient amount of milk.

Additionally, the growth rate can show early signs of deficiency. When the growth rate is at the right amount, all of the organs will develop at the right pace as there is no deficiency in the body. For that reason, most doctors and pediatricians recommend checking the weight of infants.

best rated infant scale

  • Convenience

Now, you know why it is important to monitor the growth rate of the infant. Let us now focus on the benefits you will be getting after owning one of these at home.

Firstly, you will not have to make frequent visits to the pediatrician to monitor the growth rate. You can do it by yourself right at your home.

Secondly, most of these scales will come with advanced features, such as different operating modes. Those will make it easier for you to keep track of the growth and compare the growth rate.

How to Use the Infant Scale?

Even after getting one of the better performing scales, you will not enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer if you do not know how to use it. However, using it is not that difficult at all. Do not believe us? Go through these steps:

Step 1: Setup the Scale

First and foremost, you would need to set up the scale. Insert the batteries, and turn the device on.

Then, if the tray is removable and came separately, you would need to attach it to the top. Make sure it is properly installed, or else you will risk the infant getting hurt.

If your device came with multiple trays, you would want to install the curved one. Do not install the flat tray! The baby might roll off the edge and get hurt.

what is the best baby scale

Step 2: Keep the Infant on the Top

Once you have set the device up properly, it would be time to weigh the infant. While keeping the baby on the top, you must lay them flat. Do not lay them while they are on the side because that will increase the infant’s chances of rolling off the edge.

Step 3: Measure the Weight

Now that the baby is on the top, look at the display and note down the weight it is outputting. If the infant is moving too much, you would want to tap the hold function if there is any.

That will make the device measure a stable weight without factoring in the movements.

Additionally, it would be a good idea to zero in the weight. By doing so, the device will take this weight as a reference point.

And next time, it will compare the weight with the reference weight and offer you insight into how much weight the infant has gained.

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Final Verdict

To properly monitor the growth rate of babies, the best infant scale is a must. The regular scales are just not going to cut it.

They will not be easy to use, and they will lack the advanced features that make monitoring the weight easier. And we hope that we could make it easier for you to pick one.

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