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Top 10 Best Coin Scale Reviews [Recommended]

You may wonder or amuse to know that the people are seeking for best coin scale of a new version instead of older variants to calculate opt, accurate and precise reading of your ingredients. These precise and digital coin scale are light and have a series of additional facilities. Basically, coins are too small, tiny metals to calculate their weight and you need a potential scale that can weigh from 500gm to 1000 gm with .01gm of adjustment. So, before you are in quest of for a sheldon coin scale for your own use, overview the latest coin scale reviews which is in a prescribed format below.

Rather than picking the antique coin scale only for the lowest price, opt for just a coin weight scale with much supplementary functions and weight responsiveness. Our scientific and judgmental reviewer sorted the following gauge based on pricing, functionality, mobility, calibration, and customer reviews.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Coin Scale

Top 10 Best Coin Scale Reviews

1. WEIGHTMAN Digital Gram Scale

WEIGHTMAN Digital Scale Gram, 200g/0.01g Pocket Scale Gold Titanium Plating, LCD Backlit Display, Mini Jewelry Scale with 6 Units, Auto Off, Tare Function for Food, Herb, Coins, Battery Included

This is a high-quality sensor of gram scale that fixes the accuracy level from ranging from ±0.03g. The maximum capacity of the precision is 200g and having a graduation of 0.01 g. You can measure in gm, ct, dwt, ozt. oz and gn. The gauge is manufactured and finished with metal titanium with gold plating and reflect finishing. Body construction is light weight and bears a stainless-steel scale. It has an LCD display to indicate specific units of weights, battery status, loading and overloading indicators. Also, the device has an auto off option if your scale remains idle for only 3 minutes. It is really easy to operate and this elegant scale has three buttons of “Tare Mode” and “Power”. The seller confirms 10 years of warranty from its own service team and virtual supporting system.


  • Meet your desired weighing needs and can measure 6 units (dwt, ct, g, oz, ozt, gn);
  • Design to fit anywhere and portable too;
  • Upgraded plating of Titanium gold;
  • BATTERY Indicator;
  • Power saving auto on and off options;
  • Indication of Overloading.


  • Sometimes calibration could be a problem.

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2. Fuzion 0.1g/1000g Gram Scale

Fuzion Gram Digital Scale,1000g/0.1g Pocket Herb Scale Gram and Ounce

Another name of the sophisticated gram scale stands is Fuzion. One of the best coin scale available in the market right now which has high accuracy sensor scheme. The device can measure a maximum 1000 gm of capacity with a certain increment of 0.1 gm of minimum weight. It has a backlit LED display and of this, users can see all these measurements and reading the all the indicators prescribed. The device can measure 6 units (g, dwt, ct, oz, ozt, gn) and pretty much effective for foods, coins, jewellery, grains herbs etc.

It has a smart “Tare” option to calculate and subtract the additional heaviness of the container which it handy to read the weigh. This compact weighing also features smart warnings technology for low battery capacity, overloading, and hazardous conditions. Following the Intelligent, it turns auto-off after 180 seconds of idleness.

The shell of this scale is characterized by high performance ABS with magnetic anti-slip design. So, the device is lightweight and sturdy. Furthermore, the dimension of the electronic micro scale is 5.0″x3.0″x0.7″ which have a metal base. The device is both robust and portable. The vendor certifies a limited period of warranty provided by its own service staff and virtual assistance system.


  • High Contrast LCD display with unique design;
  • Plastic body construction;
  • Modern indicator for low battery and unstable problems;
  • Auto off Option for energy saving;


  • Rarely, magnets work improperly.

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3. Fuzion 200g/0.01g Digital Pocket Scale

Fuzion Digital Pocket Scale, 200g x 0.01g Jewelry Gram Scale, 6 Units Conversion Mini Scale with LCD Display, Tare Function for Food, Jewelry, Medicine, Coffee ( Battery Included )

This pocket coin scale is constructed with high performance sensor mechanism which assures top-notch stability and provides precise weighing. It can weigh up to 200 gms of capacity. The device can read with an increment of 0.01 gm and the recommendation is 0.05 g.

Also, the device is compact and portable can weigh, tare, measure, and calibrate. By pushing the “MODE” button, you may quickly choose the desire units in between 6 modes: g/ oz/ gn/ dwt/ ct/ ozt. You may use it to measure small objects like cereals, flour, pennies, pills, jewellery, spices, silver, fragrances, gemstones, and so on.

Rugged construction with rising polycarbonate casing and a clamshell construction will safeguard the digital scales from scratching, bumps, and rough handling. Furthermore, stainless steel weight pans are very easy to keep clean measurement consistency.

It’s indeed small and lightweight, with dimensions of 5 x3.5 x 0.9 inches. As a result, you may simply slip it in your wallet or big backpack or take it any place for future usage. Moreover, the LCD backlit display ensures that the data are clear, easy to read in any kind of situation and in bad weather.

The seller guarantees 100% quality of the gauge and lifelong client service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them. They will promptly respond in between 24 hrs and give you satisfactory service.


  • The tiny ranges of Capacity up to 200g.
  • Minimum wight of 0.05g.
  • Can read and measures the Units of g / oz / gn / dwt / ct / ozt.
  • The dimensions of the Scale are: 5.0 x 3.5 x 0.9 inch.
  • Balance Pot Size: 2.9-inch x 2.4 inch.
  • Display: LCD 5 ½ digits.
  • Power: 2x AAA Batteries.
  • Temp sensitivity: 10⁰C to 30⁰C.


  • Small scale considering the other machine or scale weigh capacity.

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4. Weighmax Black Digital Coin/Jewelry Pocket Scale

Weighmax Black Digital Coin/Jewelry Pocket Scale 0.1g

A digital coin scale which easily set in your pocket. It has the most intelligent “Tare” feature to set zero in no time. The device can be easily calibrated to ensure better and accurate calibration. With a small capacity of 650gms of weight, you can use an AAA battery for reading. The constructed dimensions are 4 x 2.5/8 x 3/4 inches with a platform of 2.5 x 2.5 inches. A coin weight scale for both indoor (home) and out-door (Laboratory) use. This digital jewelry scale is picture-perfect for coins, gold, jewellers, herbs and lots more.

It is pre-calibrated right out of the box. Users will be happy to get many generations of usage out of everything. Rising strain gauge and load cells device for full-capacity of accuracy. ABC construction and steel bracing for long-term endurance. The cover may also be used as a tray. Auto off mode, and Tare measurement units are: G, Oz, Ozt, and Ct. These are all accessible through a single button. LED screen with bright lighting for comfortable reading.


  • LCD Display;
  • Auto Off Option;
  • Tare measurement;
  • Small capacity weighing up to 600 g only;
  • Metal finishing.


  • Can weigh up to 600 gm only which might be distressful.

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5. High Accuracy Mini Electronic Digital Pocket Scale

High Accuracy Mini Electronic Digital Pocket Scale Jewelry Weighing Balance Portable 500g/0.1g Counting Function Blue LCD g/tl/oz/ct

This high accuracy coin scale is very tiny and Small-sized. You can use it any-where like such a mobile phone, it is small and portable. An excellent precision and dependability. The gadget is manufactured with built-in stainless-steel base. It supports tare measuring with numbering. Also, the device can weigh multiple units of weight like g, gm, oz, ct, tl. etc. The digital coin scale contains a large LCD display with backlight for formal interpretation. When the device remains idle, it will automatically turn of your scale with the latest auto-off technology. With the simple calibration procedure, you can easily calibrate your desire weights. The package includes an auto protective cover.


  • Auto turn off technology during idle remaining;
  • LCD display with backlight technology for long term use;
  • Small and easy to carry;
  • 6 particular units of reading;
  • Simple calibration procedure. 


  • At initially, Auto-Calibration may not be perfect.

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6. Gram Scale Pocket Size 200/0.01g Small Scale

Gram Scale Pocket Size, 200/0.01g Small Scale w/ Tray, Herb Coin Scale LCD Backlight Arrow Scale with USB Power Supply Port Read in 6 Units 50g Calibration Weight Included

The best coin scale with clear tray brands to assist in the much easier measurement of herbs, metals, gems, money, jewellery, flour, and fluids, and the pan protects the scale. A 50g cal. weighing is with the package to assist you in calibrating the electronic micro gauge.

A digital mini scale with 2 input options to select from. It will not switch off immediately while powered by a USB connection. The lightweight and portable design allow it to utilize in any circumstances or places, whether on the road or even in the laboratory. 

This kitchen gauge featuring an anti-fingerprint stainless steel weighing surface to keep the environment clean even after repeated touches. Soft rubber edges and margins extend the lifecycle of this particular electronic grain meter.

Multiple short forms like “MODE” to shift unit in among g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn. “CAL” to calibrate. The vendor certifies a ten-year warranty provided by its service staff and virtual support network.


  • LCD Display with Backlit
  • The translucent pan covers the measuring base and makes it easier to weigh powders and fluids.
  • Easily Portable and long lasting;
  • High accuracy;
  • Count and Tare to eliminate the extra weight;
  • One Step easy calibration ensures accurate measurement
  • The Package includes USB Cables, with 2xAAA energy battery, and a demo weight;
  • Ten years of seller’s warranty.


  • Sometimes it does not show consistent reading;

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7. Maxus Store 200 x 0.01g High Precession Gram Scale

Pocket Scale with Tray 200 x 0.01g High Precesion Gram Scale Arrow Scale Jewelery Coin Scale 50g Calibration Weight USB Cable Included Read in Gram Grain Carat Pennyweigh oz ozt

This gram is specially designed to facilitate you more accurate and instant result. It has a rugged design with two individual power source systems. The device is portable and effectively usable in-home or in the laboratory. Transparent plate of this gram scale will assist you to weigh of food, herb, gems, gold, jewellery, fluids etc. It has an electronic LCD Display with a backlight and rubbery edges or corners. This minute scale having a stainless-steel surface which ensures an easy, clean and healthy surface and perfect measurement. 

This specific construction can weigh the unit among g, ozt, oz, ct, dwt, gn instantly. There are different keys like “MODE” “CAL” “PCS” etc. The “TARE” option to set up zero option of the container. The seller ensures ten years of limited warranty and 24/7 customer care support.


  • LCD Display with backlight facility;
  • Transparent and stainless-steel surface to safe and healthy measurement of powder and liquids;
  • Rugged, Compact design with great weighing facility;
  • Tare option to adjust additional weights of the container;
  • Easy Calibration with accurate and faultless weigh;
  • 2xAAA batteries with USB cable for charging;
  • 10 years limited warranty.


  • Rarely, shows weigh issue during calibration.

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8. OBVIS Portable Pocket Scale

OBVIS Portable Pocket Scale Jewelry Scale Mini Diamond Gold Coin Small Items Weight Gram Weigh Pocket Tool LCD Display Steel Body 300g X 0.1g - Sliver

The sheldon coin scale is designed with synthetic plastic on top to safeguard the load cell and ensures accurate weighing experience. It is a game changer equipped with LCD display with black Light. The device can ensure Zero or tare functions, auto zero or off, piece counting calculation, and energy saving functions. This jewllery scaling gauge is lifesaving who are particularly engaged in the jewellery related activities or business. It can calculate oz, gn, g, dwt, ct etc. this device follows the commands and converts the units in a single press in a moment.


  • LCD Display ;
  • Back Light option;
  • Tare or Zero option;
  • Piece Counting and calculation system;
  • Auto off option;
  • Energy-saving;
  • Multiple power source;
  • Protective stainless steel layer;
  • 10 years of the limited warranty;


  • Sometimes calibration could be an issue.

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9. Maxus Rubberized Small Gram Scale

Pocket Digital Small Gram Scale 0.01g, 200g/.01g Rubberized Pocket Scale, Portable Small Dry Herb Scale Precision Coin Scale LCD Backlit Read in 6 Units

This small gram scale (new version) has rubber resistant impact is designed to weighing correctly your food, jewellery, coins, and lots more daily things. The package is designed and redefined with black or yellow rubber, metal steel base and is small enough to place in your pocket. It will be a great placement of an old black gram measuring digital coin scale.

It has one step or button easy calibration, protection overlay, LCD back lit with a minimum of 0.01gm weighing gram scale. This is a good alternative to the old black gram scale. This possesses one push-button calibration, protection overloads, back lit LCD that can easily count and weigh of yeast, resin, soap, wax or grains. 

This device has “Tare” or “Re Zero” is an ultimate solution to avoid container weight from your actual product weight. The maximum capacity of the weighing is 200g and the readability is from 0.01 g. It is portable and can easily count on your desired items. By using this, you can weigh up to six units of weight. They are primarily gram – g, ounce – oz,Troy ounce – ozt,Grain – gn ,Carat – ct, and Pennyweight – dwt.  The seller ensures ten years of extended warranty and broad customer services. Productive manuals are suggested to read before weighing.


  • LCD Display with back light facility;
  • Transparent and stainless-steel surface to the safe and healthy measurement of powder and liquids;
  • Rugged, Compact design with great weighing facility;
  • Tare option to adjust additional weights of the container;
  • Easy Calibration with accurate and faultless weigh;
  • 2xAAA batteries with USB cable for charging;
  • 10 years limited warranty.


  • Sometimes calibration could be an issue.

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10. New Personal Coin Scale Pro

New Personal Coin Scale Pro - Use Troy Oz, Grams, Ounces, Pennyweights + to weigh Gold, Silver, Platinum Coins Bullion Bars Ingots & More

This particular gauge is frequently operational in measuring tiny little things from your corner. It is EASY to Use it and comes up with directions. The experts believe and certified that this gauge is simple enough even for amateurs use. This particular model is commonly used in analyzing and other evaluations. This scale offers an improved load cell with higher capacities and a greater variety of modes. It contains a durable plastic cover that can also be used as an expansion tray. 

DigiWeigh’s 600BX has just been restructured to this mastered edition 1000BX. This gauge has a better strain with a larger capacity and a wider range of functions. With the DW1000BX, you can select ounces, pennyweight, grams, grains, carats, and troy. The metal steel measuring bench has an easy-to-clean base that looks as if incredibly professional. Tough plastic also functions as an extension tray. Revolutionary “TARE” service allows you to restore the scales to zero (0.00) in any unit when it’s in custom. Perhaps, the device eradicates a load of an expandable container or gauging cup/bowl after it would place on the scale. Batteries (two AAA batteries) are supplied, and directions for calibration is precisely instructed. 5″ (D) x 3″ (W) x 0.75″ (H) are the basic dimension for IMAGE SIZE with 2.5″ x 3″ base size LCD display. 


  • LCD Display with back lit;
  • Two ways of power supply;
  • Metallic Surface with proper safe weighing;
  • SMART TARE option;
  • 6 units of basic weighing;
  • Professional outputs.


  • Sometimes, Calibration could be a problem.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Coin Scale

The digital pocket scale is appropriate for a wide range of applications. Although, they appear to be the most prevalent gauge in the home, jewellery stores, and microenterprises. These small scales can frequently measure weights of pounds and switch between the standard system of measurement including grams, pounds, or ounces and more specialized units such as pennyweights or fl oz.

SMART “TARE” abilities that enable users to restore the re-zero. The device needs to accept additional surface area to accept all sorts of grains, coins and fruits. You should also have an LCD screen gauge that disintegrates your results into manageable fractions.

  • The More Important Considerations

Whether you’re looking for a digital pocket scale, take a look at our top ten choices for the best coin scale in 2021, which have selected based on the subsequent criteria: surface area, units of measurement and device reading capability, number of digital weight modes, competences, ease of the cleaning, ease of adjustment, additional features, and costing.

To assist you to choose the digital coin scale for your requirements, we have inspected hundreds of devices for precision, great build, and the capability to effortlessly switch between weight units. Users are particularly drawn to goods with multipurpose features, including the ability to calculate small components.

Best Coin Review of 10 Best Coin Scale

  • Limits of Weights

In terms of weight limitations, we have included a great mix in between food and coin weights in the optimum weight restrictions up to 1,000 grams. From our choices, many of these gauges ideally appropriate for measuring pills or fine granules, or much lower weight restrictions and the capacity to weigh in denominations as small as 0.001g.

Lastly, we have picked excellently constructed machines of solid materials. Typically, with a cover to protect the contents secure while travelling. To purpose, we favoured weights with extensive warranties, up to 10 years. However, some are the fairly lower items would not offer with more than just a 30 days liabilities of money back assurance.

  • Unit for Measure

It’s indeed exceedingly unusual to come across a gauge that performs at both micro-measurements, milligrams, or greater quantities, up to 100 grams or even more. Towards that purpose, you need to determine which sort of scale is best suited to know your requirements. Are you planning to mostly use this as a cooking aid or related purpose? Then choose a gauge with a maximum weighing capacity of 200 grams or more. This is ideal for monitoring units or components.

Will you generally use it to assess small grains and medicines? Then use a gauge that can weighs the grains in intervals of as little as 0.001g. The maximum combined weight of such platforms is considerably small of its house equivalents (food scales), typically in the 50g range. But the small intervals divide in ideal for business requirements.

Coin Scale Guideline

  • Calibration Weights and Other Accessories

Before using the gauge, all device must be calibrated. This must be as simple as putting anything on the balance that you can calculate the weight. Manufacturer constantly, not always, provide calibration weights with the gauge, which is an item that has been verified to measure a certain amount, removing all the uncertainty.

When a calibration value isn’t supplied, you’ll have to measure something else on the balance and enter the numerical value to adjust. Tiny pans for powders and fluid components encompasses bigger trays for a variety of meals, are also valuable tools. Some weights additionally have microscopic hooks for carefully placing up with essential items.

  • “Tare” Options

Many of the devices mentioned above can zero out through a minimum value with the push of a button. This means you can set any container on the top of it and quickly eliminate the value of the item itself. All you have to do is arithmetic. This function is not available across every gauge on the marketplace. So, keep an eye out while you searching.

  • Washing Comfort

Though, it is prevalent to choose a metallic surface to remain the safe contact with your ingredients or foods. This metallic surface ensures easy sanitization along with an easy cleaning option to sustain long durability and safety.  

  • Functionality and Effectiveness

Furthermore, the modern weight machine contains a “TARE” feature that allows users to measure messy objects. This is proficient by measuring it in a box to determining the actual weight of the component and minus of the box. As either an added benefit, many food gauges include nutritional information as well as a suitable app for maintaining a meal history.

  • User-Friendliness and Readability

Wording upon on LCD screen (or analogue for such old-style aficionados) has to be big, sharp, and distinct. Choose a bigger screen to greater outputs. Experts note that, certain weights give exact readings, which is useful for individuals who need to check regular meals for medical purpose.

  • Auto on or off Option

To conserve the life of the battery, plenty of household scales simply switch off for a period of idleness and inactivity. The average weight is around two minutes, and while some may take up to five mins. On the other hand, auto-off option can be annoying while cooking takes a lot of concentration and you’re still mixing dough. It would be ideal unless the gauge had the option to remove the auto-off feature.

  • Surface Area

It is indeed preferable if the weighing machine does have a big surface area that can accommodate a wide range of measuring bowl, cup or baking plate. We’ve also seen and investigate the versions with the detachable surface, that are useful for washing.

What Scales Should You Buy for Coins?

Essentially, the coin scale, provides convenience, with the option to switch in between 6 major weight types. All you need to do with the click on a button, anyone can accurately weight computations. It also includes a set of 10-gram calibration weights and a fantastic 10-year guarantee.

best coin weighing scale

Select a flawless digital coin scale weighing machine with extremely precise detectors that correctly weigh up to 20 grams and a set of 10g calibrations. The balance is well-made, with a switch lid construction to avoid inadvertent destruction. The device must include the capacity to switch between six different weights categories (g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct and gn/gr) at the push of a button, specially designed for weighing tablets.

At a Glance to Have the Best Consideration.

  • Investigated the presence among six distinct measuring units: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn;
  • significant Weight sensitivity: +/- 0.03 g; 
  • Tare feature;
  • Industrial lights measuring base; 
  • Removable protective covering, may also be a measuring dish; 
  • 2 AAA batteries provided; 
  • Ranging spectrum 0.01–100 g. 
  • With perhaps a measuring feature.

How Much Does A Coin Scale Cost?

There are numerous models and functions of coin scale available in the market. The cost of such a particular model is fixed based on the body construction, functions. and softness of working. You can get a coin scale from 2 dollars to 1000 dollars in the market.

Coin Scale Cost

How Do You Weigh Coins?

The net weight of an object refers to the entire mass (also refer as of the gross weight) and deduction or less of any containers or packing that it’s in (known as the Tare or re-zero). for an instance, the net weight of a can of flour is the total weight of the flour and without the weight of the can. Alternatively, the net weight is the sum of the actual object as well as the minus weight of the container.

Process To Follow

i. While Using a Filled Container

On such a scale, put an item inside its container or packing. Make a note of the reading of the main scale. The total weight is shown there.

Remove your thing out of its carton or packing and place it in a separate pot. Ensure certain that no part of a product (if you’re working with powders or crumbly substances) appears in the very first jar. Place a small package or container upon on scales and calculate the amount. This is as the tare weight.

Subtraction of tare value from gross weight Assume you possess a can of soup with such a gross weight of 400 g as well as a tare value of 10 g. 

400-10=390 (gm)

Each product has an actual weight of 390 grams. If you like, you may use a calculator or spreadsheet to double-check your findings.

best rated coin scale

ii. While Using an Empty Container

Put the empty container upon on meter. make a note of the scale reading.

Determine its ultimate weight, which is the sum of the entity’s weight and the weight of the container. Assume you want 500 grams of wheat for just a dish and the container weighs 15 grams. Upon on meter, the real reading would be:

500+15=515 gm

Fill the container with your commodity till the scale shows your accurate value. In this case, fill the container with flour till the balance shows 515 gms.


Special Guidelines

Some weights feature a Tare button that zeroes out through the occupied by a box. Just set an empty container upon on scale, press its tare button, and afterwards fill this with the overall weight of chosen product or thing.

How Many Grams is 25 Cents?

From 1965, most quarters (25-cent coins) issued by the United States have weighed of 5.670 grams (0.200 ounces). The basic circumference of US quarters is 24.66 mm and the depth is 1.75 mm. All of these pennies are principally finished from a “clad sandwich” of copper (91.67 percent) from the inside and nickel (8.33 percent) from an outsider.

Earlier before 1964, US quarters were made out of 90% silver and 10% copper, with such a higher intensity of 6.25 grams, or 0.022 pounds. Much before 1792, the United States was still in its existence and the federal government approved the Coinage Act of 1792. This created the United States dollar and specified denominations for other coins, along with a fresh 25-cent unit.

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Bottom Line

We have categorized the top ten best coin scale based on characteristics and calibration. The goods will be calibrated before directed to the client, but it is recommended that the calibration be checked while selecting the device. Every device on our list has its distinct characteristic. However, we recommend that you choose one with great accuracy, mobility, and have moisture protection facility.

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