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OpenScales is an open source (LGPL) mapping framework written in ActionScript 3 and Flex that enables developers to build Rich Internet Mapping Applications.

Desktop and mobile (Android, iOS) applications can both be created using OpenScales. See our YouTube channel.

Download OpenScales 2.2 (zip)

Free, LGPL License

Discover the future OpenScalesGL

HTML5 / webGL, available for the summer 2012...


Multiple layer iconMulti-layers display

From Yahoo Maps service to OGC compliant servers, OpenScales can display and overlay data coming from multiple sources.

Vector iconPowerful vector display

Leveraging Flash capabilities, OpenScales provides powerful support of vector data rendering, editing and styling.

Control iconBuilt-in UI controls

OpenScales provides multiple easy to use UI controls to give your users complete control over the maps you build.

Platforms iconMultiple platforms

OpenScales brings your maps not only to browsers, but also to desktop and mobile applications thanks to Adobe AIR.

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Get Started

Want to build your first OpenScales app, but don't know where to start ? Here are a few tutorials to get you started:

Showcase screenshot, official website of French presidency.

See all the references on the wiki.

Get Involved

Openscales is an open source project, and its source code is hosted in BitBucket social forge, making contribution very easy.

Besides contributing source code, getting involved with OpenScales can also be done by submitting a bug you’ve encountered or asking for a feature you’d like to have.